Exclusive Video Premiere: Tyrone Noonan “Black Dog” (2020)

One of the founding members of the ARIA-award winning band george, Tyrone Noonan has made a powerful return to music as a solo artist, releasing debut single, “Black Dog”.

Lifted from his forthcoming album, Utopia?, which will be released later this year, the single is an upbeat and uplifting track that evokes an honest picture of dealing with depression. Noonan discusses the overarching theme of bringing awareness to mental health and connecting with people who have been through this journey.

“Mental health is a huge issue in the music industry and society in general and while the song was written before COVID-19, its release seems quite timely. And it’s my humble wish that this song may provide some relief and hope to people who are suffering right now,” says Tyrone.

Utopia? will further convey powerful messages entwined with his own personal experiences larger socio-political themes, amplified with various sounds pulled from pop and acoustic.

Premiering today on the AU review, the video for “Black Dog” is lifted by its stunning atmosphere, shot in northern NSW to complements the beautiful acoustics. Tyrone captures both sides of going through a mental illness and coming out of one, tethered strongly to the song and accentuating its message.

“Paul came up with a brilliant and simple idea to have me play both of the parts, i.e. the person struggling and the person who has been through it, and that provides the basis for the video. Paul found the amazing location for shooting in northern NSW, and the story developed from there, with the “Old Ty” locked in an old shed and the “New Ty” facing up to “Old Ty” in the shed, letting go and breaking free,” explains Noonan.

“Black Dog” is out now. Tyrone Noonan’s album Utopia? is due later this year. Keep up to date with Tyrone Noonan via Facebook and Instagram

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