Exclusive Video Premiere: Munro Melano “Cannonballs” (2019)

Last week Melbourne singer-songwriter Munro Melano dropped his new single, “Cannonballs”. The track is the second single to be lifted from his forthcoming self-titled debut album, due on November 7th. A week on from the release of the single, we’re stoked to bring you the exclusive premiere of the accompanying music video. 

Produced by long time friend and collaborator Yen Nguyen, “Cannonballs” was recorded across multiple Victorian Studios, as well as the Melano’s garage and Nguyen’s kitchen. It was originally tracked with Munro’s live band before additional synthesisers, samples and a four piece horn section were added (who doesn’t love a horn section?)

“Cannonballs”, and the album from which it is drawn, comes at the end of years of balancing a day job as a social worker along with creative work as a film composer and session musician on evenings and weekends. Also as the album was nearing completion Melano also welcomed the birth of his first child. 

It is thanks to this child and the accompanying baby induced sleep deprivation that we get the music video we’re premiering today. In the middle of the night, with a wide awake baby, Melano would turn on the TV and be bombarded with the terrible news pouring in from across the world: Environmental devastation, social and political unrest, not to mention the threat of World War Three breaking out. As Melano notes, “I couldn’t stop thinking about the love and hope I had for this baby, and the fear I had for the world we were giving her.

The music video is constructed from old film clips highlighting the damage done through war and human activity. It makes for quite striking viewing, especially when coupled with the quietly evocative melancholia of the single. 

“Cannonballs” is available now. Munro Melano’s self-titled debut album is released on November 7th. You can keep up to date with his releases and tour schedule via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and his Official Website.

Upcoming Tour Dates

Sunday Nov 17th | Reservoir Stomp Festival, VIC
Saturday Nov 30th | Longplay, Fitzroy, Melbourne, VIC
Sunday Dec 1st | The Union Hotel, Brunswick, Melbourne (Supp. Moreland City Soul Review)

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