Exclusive Video Premiere: Mini Simmons “A Way With Murder” (2019)

Earlier this month New Zealand’s Mini Simmons dropped, “A Way With Murder”, the third offering from their forthcoming debut album. Today we’re excited to bring you an exclusive first look at that single’s brilliant accompanying music video. 

Filmed and edited by Christian T. In Auckland, New Zealand, the video offers up a fun, somewhat kitschy, yet stylish visual homage to the Sixties, with vocalist Zak Hawkins channeling his best Jagger throughout. 

According to the band, the single was “a nod to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Their no frills, don’t bore us get to the chorus approach really inspired the arrangement. Short, punchy sections driven by memorable vocal hooks.” The accompanying clip complements the track perfectly, echoing the band’s maturing and confident sound. It might not tell a story per se, but in terms of energy, style and getting viewers and fans excited, it delivers. If the band are half as fun live as this video suggests, then audiences are in for a treat.  Check it out below. 

“A Way With Murder” is available now. The band have just wrapped up a short tour of Australia, but hopefully we’ll get them back to our shores again soon. Until then you can find them on Facebook and Instagram.

Simon Clark

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