Exclusive Video Premiere: Love Drunk Hearts “Weekend Blues” (2022)

Love Drunk Hearts

Why can’t every day be like the weekend? The buzz of getting loose on the weekend is perfectly captured in “Weekend Blues”, the latest tune from Sydney’s Love Drunk Hearts. The song also reflects on the downer of waking on a Monday,  knowing that today isn’t going to mirror the fun of the last couple of days. There’s a dreamy melancholic feel to the track, which features the golden vocals of Ash Dable. We’re thrilled today to be premiering the video for “Weekend Blues”.

The song particularly piqued my interest when I realised it was based on one of my locals, the Hotel Steyne. As lead singer Aaron says: “everyone has a story from the Steyne or drain as it’s affectionately known”. Ain’t that the truth!

He continues on: “The song is written off a collage of all those blink and you’ll miss weekends where you’re in the moment, with friends, having a blast and time just flies on by and nothing else matters. I wanted to write a remedy to the sharp reality of Monday coming around again too soon. I’ve definitely spent a few Mondays dreaming of the weekend buzz. All my favourite songs take you to another place – almost like a mini holiday or meditation. You float for a while. They make life feel grand and allow you to use your imagination. They give you a mood. I want ‘Weekend Blues’ to be like that for anyone listening”. 

About the video, he says “Whenever I hear the song back it brings to mind a collage of all those hazy, fun filled weekends with friends and family. Everyone is in the moment and buzzing on life. I wanted the video to reflect these pictures. The narrative centres around someone heading out and living that dream then waking up to Monday again. There’s also a subtle undercurrent of searching for connection and the excitement/heartbreak that can bring.” 

Enjoy the video. It captures brilliantly the golden period of the week, the optimistic buzz that envelops us as we vibe with those dearest to us, and those that we wish to be.

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