Exclusive Video Premiere: KARLOU “Closer” (2020)


Released late last week “Closer” is the third single from Queensland artist KARLOU. The raw and emotive track details a vulnerable time in the singer’s life. Today, we’re pleased and excited to bring you the exclusive premiere of the accompanying touching music video. 

The music video depicts the journey one can go through when struggling and dealing with emotional baggage. The video mirrors and expands on the intimacy and vulnerability of “Closer”; and really emphasises the important message of the song’s lyrics and themes. Speaking about the single, and the video, KARLOU said:

“I feel that mental health has such a stigma around it and with the release of this song and video I really hope to open up that topic of conversation; that it is ‘okay to not be okay’. I hope to really hit people in the feels and get them to check in on their mates more often.”

“Closer” is quite a departure from the anthemic and often euphoric pop songs of her growing back catalogue. Debut “Bad Choices” and follow-up “Grew Up” are tracks brimming with youthful energy and charisma. This in a way makes the vulnerability of “Closer” all the more effective.

It shows, perhaps, that even the mostly bubbly, fun and charismatic amongst us might be struggling under the surface. That, maybe, we don’t know all of what is going on with a person. It’s also as KARLOU hopes, I feel, a nice reminder to check in with your friends, especially with the kind of year we’ve all be having. 

Check out the music video for “Closer” below, and be good to one another:

“Closer” is out now. Hear it HERE. You can find and follow KARLOU on Facebook and Instagram.

If you, or someone you know, is struggling right now and needs some help, there are plenty of great resources out there that you can access. HERE are some of the resources and help that’s on offer in Australia. 

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