Exclusive Video Premiere: Jacuzzi “Mother” (2020)

Post-punk electronic and new-wave trio Jacuzzi released their debut album, Animator, last month, and we are fortunate today to be premiering the video of “Mother”, one of the tracks off this impressive record. Their album is a collection of 8 songs, all different chapters, with their own stories. Their music is a vast soundscape, with a strong bassline running through it, and assured pulsing drums onto layers of synths.

Anthony Morse’s warm hopeful vocals transport us through this soulful exploration as he asks “Am I the Witness, or Am I the Weakness?”.  The drums build and the synths swirl during this refrain at the end of the track.  The video was created by Guy Tyzack from archival footage. It’s an amalgam of some unfamiliar but classic footage.

Jacuzzi consists of brothers Anthony and Chris Morse, and close friend Ash Briody. The brothers started off in The Highwater Ballroom Band in 2010, then they were in The Infants from 2012 until 2016, before forming Jacuzzi. Ash helped them produce their debut EP in 2019, before becoming a permanent member of the band.

Enjoy the dystopian journey that is “Mother”.

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Bruce Baker

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