Exclusive Video Premiere: Bearfoot “Luminate” (2019)

Ahead of the offical release next week we are pleased today to be premiering the new film clip for “Luminate”, the recent single from Sunny Coast’s resident roots band Bearfoot. 

Released in November, “Luminate” is dedicated to the time the band spent at the eponymous music festival in New Zealand back in early 2017, and describes their scenic and leporine route to the festival. Both the journey and the festival are represented in this new film clip, with the band incorporating footage from their festival performance and form around the site into the clip.

According to the group’s vocalist Asher Chapman, the ska-tinged track is a reflection of the events surrounding the band’s first trip to New Zealand, elements of which can be seen within the clip: 

“We had all piled into this van, driving from Christchurch to Takaka Hill, but due to an earthquake prior, the standard route to the festival (which would only be about 5 or 6 hours) was cut off, meaning that we had to take the longer inland route. Having left the airport at around 4pm that afternoon, due to that detour (where we saw amazing scenery) it was getting close to 1am when we saw the turn off for Takaka Hill.  We’re all tired, slightly delirious, and have no idea where we are; we’re in this van climbing up this windy road, which turns from smooth bitumen to loose gravel, then all of a sudden, this rabbit appears out of nowhere, turns and looks at us, and instead of hopping off the road, it races up it, so we follow it and the next thing we see is the signs for the festival.”

With the single, and now the video, Bearfoot are continuing to tease their long-awaited debut album, which is due to be released sometime later this year. It’s a fun mash-up of roots, reggae, dub and ska, and if the video is anything to go by, the lads from Bearfoot sure know how to put on a decent show too. 

“Luminate” is available now. If you’re in or around the Sunshine Coast, you can catch the band at Solbar in Maroochydore on March 8th, for their final single launch. Tickets can be purchased HERE.

You can also keep up to date with the band via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Header Image: Rob Sharkey