Exclusive Single Premiere: Michael McCartney “Sweet Side of Love” (2020)

We are thrilled today to be premiering the first single from the next EP for Gold-Coast indie-rocker Michael McCartney, with the title track “Sweet Side of Love”. It’s a blissfully positive theme, about enjoying the intimacy of being in love. In “Sweet Side of Love”, McCartney has found an intoxicatingly sweet groove. It has a reworked vintage feel which feels as fresh as cut-grass.

This is his second EP and is self-produced, with Ian Peres (Ruel, Boo Seeka) collaborating.  Mixing duties were shared with Oscar Dawson (Holy Holy), Konstantin Kersting (Mallrat, Tones & I) and Mitch Finglas. This EP will be the second in a series of four which McCartney plans on releasing over 12 months.

A song called “Sweet Side of Love’ carries the risk that it might be just a little too sweet indeed, but Michael explains how he avoided that; “It’s an aggressive song musically, which for me was ‘a spoon full of sugar to help the medicine go down’ kind of idea. By itself, the sentiment is naff, but the contrast works. Much like love itself, it’s the hard times that make the Sweet Side Of Love stand out.”

The song was created somewhat by accident; “I wrote ‘Sweet Side of Love’ out of a drum sampling session at Love Street Studios with Mitch Finglas (multi-instrumentalist and producer). We weren’t trying to write a song, but we’d formed this drum loop that I couldn’t help play a riff I’d been working on, which together was a big vibe. So the session changed tack and we had the bones tracked within a few hours. It’s more loop based than anything I’d done, but the exploration happened naturally.”

You can pre-save the track HERE and in the meantime, enjoy “Sweet Side of Love”, before it’s release tomorrow.


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