Exclusive Single Premiere: Lontano “Adelaide” (2021)


Lontano is a new duo comprising of Anthony Dettori (The Sunburys) and Roz Pappalardo (Women in Docs, The Soldiers Wife) and we are thrilled to be premiering their debut release, “Adelaide”. Anthony and Roz share an Italian heritage, and the name Lontano is an Italian term connotating distance.

The songs of Lontano promise to explore themes of distance, be it long-distance love songs, social as well as geographical distance,  and explorations of the space between people. Given Roz is based in Cairns, and Anthony in Brisbane, the exploration of distance is most apt.

“Adelaide”, the first release from the duo, explores the disillusionment of being the one left behind. As they describe it: When someone feels the need to put a lot of miles between you, you don’t always get a reason – that’s not how things work,”.  Expanding further, “In the absence of understanding, all we can do is carry on, and keep trying hard not to slip too far back into our old ways. We have to try to learn and grow through everything we are fortunate enough to survive.”

Roz and Anthony are natural storytellers. Their vocals complement snugly, and the song tips its hat to some mighty fine duos that have gone before them. If you like classic Dylan and Baez, Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings, then you are likely to appreciate the first instalment from Lontarno.

Their debut album will be released in November, with some limited edition vinyl available. Follow their socials (links below) to be kept up to date on this.

If you are lucky enough to be in Brisbane, you will be able to catch Lontano at the Brisbane Festival Street Serenades on Saturday 11th September 2021. Further details HERE

The video was produced by Jason Millhouse at Recordworks in Brisbane. Enjoy our premiere prior to the release tomorrow, Wednesday 25th August. We can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.

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Header image credit: Jo Bell

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