Exclusive Single Premiere: Kaypo “Desert Storm” (2020)

Kaypo, the moniker for Brisbane singer/songwriter Liam Higgins, is about to release a beautiful guitar-driven track, “Desert Storm”.  We are thrilled to be premiering it for him today at the AU, ahead of its official release on Friday. This youngster from Brisbane has some serious skills, his guitar-work, in particular, shines brightly.

Kaypo is early on in his musical journey but has already released his debut album, Welcome to The Human Race in 2019. Liam is a DIY man – he recorded the album at home himself, and produced it with a close friend. During the course of making his first album, he taught himself production techniques and how to use Ableton Live, his production software of choice.

Liam explains the genesis of the song: “Desert Storm is a story about searching for purpose and faith in life during times of uncertainty. The song is a metaphorical narrative about being lost in the desert and hoping for rain (or salvation) to arrive. While the song is dark and mysterious tonally, the overall sentiment is hopeful – as the hook concludes, ‘soon the rain will come, again’.”

He also told us exclusively “At the time of writing it, I felt like I was at a turning point in my music journey – it was either ramp things up, including my own self-belief, or go back to a life of always wondering ‘what if’. That’s where the whole ‘Desert Storm’ concept of yearning for hope and faith, for rain in the middle of the desert originated. I think it’s a pretty universal message that everyone can relate to at some point in their life”

Kaypo is working on some new songs with Canadian producer, Ryan Stewart, who has worked with luminaries such as Carly Rae Jepsen, Simple Plan and Hedley. Hopefully these will end up on a future recording.

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