Exclusive Single Premiere: Hope D “Swim” (2019)

This morning we’re excited to bring you the exclusive premiere of “Swim”, the new single from Brisbane singer-songwriter Hope D. The single, which will appear on the songwriter’s forthcoming debut EP is an empowering anthem for the disenfranchised within our society. According to Hope D, the track “tells the brutally honest story of the internal battle of trying to find yourself, and then hiding what you find, out of the fear of not being accepted.”

Unabashedly up-front, “Swim” is pleasingly earnest and vivacious. In spite of those societal prejudices that Hope touches on within the lyrics, there is nothing maudlin or self defeating about this song. Rather, it is full of life, with bright and bold instrumentation and a strong vocal performance. A wonderful slice of endearing and uplifting pop music from a mature and thoughtful songwriter and performer. 

Despite her relatively recent arrival to the Queensland music scene, Hope D has been quickly garnering herself a bit of a reputation for her live performances. Readers will be able to see for themselves when she launches the new single with a show at The Yamaha (Heya Bar) in Brisbane on May 24th. Until then, check out the new single below and give it a spin (or two) before it’s official release on Thursday, May 9th. 

“Swim” is officially released on May 9th. You can keep up to date with Hope D via Facebook and Instagram.

Simon Clark

Books Editor. An admirer of songs and reader of books. Simon has a PhD in English and Comparative Literature. All errant apostrophes are his own.