Exclusive Single Premiere: Dusty “Anxiety” (2022)


Brisbane’s Dusty are back with another golden slice of indie rock. “Anxiety” is their latest tune about to hit the ether, an upbeat and on-point track that tackles the challenges of coping with anxiety.

The band released their debut tracks early in 2021, with “Easier” and “Do You Care” and haven’t looked back. Renowned for their enthusiasm and purposeful delivery, “Anxiety” delivers in spades. It’s bold, it’s unrestrained and tackles head-on the demons that manifest themselves in anxiety.

The track is infused with humour and paints a vivid picture. The protagonist ponders for clues as to what she has done wrong to her friend. “Is it in my head, or do you hate me? …” and “I can’t stand the silence, I just wish we had a fucking fight.” I’m sure we can all relate at times.  With a catchy chorus, overdriven guitars and persuasive percussion, it uplifts and is joyfully at odds with the subject matter.

Lead singer, Annie Newcombe writes of the track:  “It’s my favourite song in the set, I like how many people tell me that they can relate to it. For me, it’s important that we talk about mental health, and I think having a song about anxiety really opens up the conversation.”


“Anxiety” will be released on Thursday, 31st March. In the meantime, enjoy our premiere.

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