Exclusive Single Premiere: Damien Johnson “Crowd In My Hand” (2020)

Damien Johnson

Let us introduce you to Brisbane’s Damien Johnson. The self confessed “backyard philosopher, theologian, and beer connoisseur” is a live-looping indie-hop artist from Ipswich, QLD. He also happens to be releasing his latest single, “Crowd in My Hand” tomorrow. But, before the official release, we’re bringing you this early exclusive sneak peek and premiere.

“Crowd in My Hand” was written, recorded and produced by Johnson, before being mixed by Nathan Gold in Texas, USA. It sits as one of Johnson’s heavier releases, and explores ideas of doubt, resilience and creativity. Here’s what Johnson had to say about the track: 

“It speaks openly about my fears that I am getting ‘too old’ and speaks bluntly of the costs to my relationships and employment along the way as I have continued to relentlessly hold on to a dream that I fear may never come true.”

Of course, these are doubts that many artists and performers undoubtedly face, especially in an industry that often favours novelty and the ‘new’. “Crowd In My Hand” evocatively captures these concerns and feelings. It’s a powerful track, featuring a strong and distinctly memorable vocal performance from Johnson. With polished and slick production and a chorus ready made for crowd participation, “Crowd In My Hand” is all set to be a fan favourite.

Johnson states “Ultimately, I’m a little boy inside who just wants to be seen and heard..”, thanks to “Crowd In My Hand” that’s just got that little bit easier.

“Crowd In My Hand” releases Friday May 8th. Find Damien Johnson on Facebook and Instagram.

Simon Clark

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