Exclusive Single Premiere: Archy Stranger “Home” (2019)

Melbourne producer and vocalist Archy Stranger drops his new single, his second for the year, tomorrow. Ahead of tomorrow’s official release date we’re stoked to bring you this exclusive first listen of his latest indie pop gem: “Home”.

Some of you will already be familiar with the name Archy Stranger through his work as session songwriter and producer, areas where he has shown his versatility and willingness to experiment with a variety of musical styles. His recent studio collaborations have included the likes of Tkay Maizda, as well as Triple J Unearthed favourites Tobiahs and Austen, with the latter providing some sweet backing vocals here on “Home”.

“Home”, aptly, was written over two years ago, when Stranger returned to Australia following months of travelling. As Archy Stranger describes it: “towards the end of my trip homesickness began to set in and growing tired of being away, I felt as if I was missing out on things with my friends and family.”

Over the intervening years the track has undergone several transformations and progressed through multiple versions. Eventually, as Stranger explains, “I ended up making an entirely new beat two years later, something that better reflected my inspirations and gave a real drive to the song”; then with the addition of backing vocals from Austen, the single was complete.

“Home” is a undeniable ‘tune’ – one that I should be dominating the airwaves in no time at all. It’s big, bold, and has benefited from those two years or so of fine tuning. Austen’s backing vocals on the chorus are a really nice touch too, but real highlight for me is Stranger’s vocal. Not bad for someone who never quite considered himself a vocalist, and favoured processed or sampled vocals in his past work. With a solid body of production and songwriting work behind him, he’s not quite a new kid on the block, but it’s certainly his time to step out front and centre.


“Home” is set for release Friday 14th June. Be sure to chuck Archy Stranger a like or a follow across Facebook and Twitter.

Simon Clark

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