Emma Louise – Full Hearts & Empty Rooms (2011 EP)

Emma Louise is a Brisbane based chanteuse who has a voice so beautiful that it would melt the hardest of hearts. She writes eloquent songs that speak of love and longing with such clarity and grace that their maturity belies her tender years. Her debut release Full Hearts & Empty Rooms showcases a collection of gorgeous tracks that are heartfelt and direct.

Opener “Bugs” is a triumph of folk tinged indie pop with its gentle guitar and drum line and sweet lyrical sentiments that are sure to appeal to the romantics among us, as she asks ‘would you stay here with just my love?’. The strongest song on the EP is Triple J favourite “Jungle”. The swirling atmospherics build with a dash of melancholia until Emma unleashes in the chorus with all the youthful angst that abounds with the confusing nature of relationships. “Al’s Song” offers more texture than the remainder of the record, which is rather sparse, leaving Emma’s strong vocals to carry the music along. “1000 Sundowns” ends the EP on a sombre note, as she croons over a simple guitar track with achingly passionate honesty, as though she’s reading directly from the pages of her personal diary.

Full Hearts & Empty Rooms is a striking debut from a talented artist who is bound to make waves around the nation this year with her pretty, uncomplicated pop. Emma Louise wears her heart firmly on her sleeve. Now would be a good time to jump on board her band wagon.

Review Score: 8/10