Ed Wells at Home: A few of my favourite things (About London)

London based, Sydney raised singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Ed Wells has long been a friend of the AU, and today Ed is releasing his debut EP, Home, produced by Luke Gerber. Musically, the EP is a vibrant mix of modern soul and R&B, a collection of songs of which Ed has reflected on different aspects of modern life.

So in light of this approach – as well as the title of the album – we asked Ed to reflect on his new Home of London. Enjoy now Ed’s favourite things about the city, and listen to the EP in full at the end of the article!

A few of my favourite things… (about London)

When I first moved to the UK, I was obviously excited to come, but at the time there was a nagging sensation of being quite unsure as to why, exactly. I was heading into the unknown. I was leaving behind family, friends and definitely a more equitable temperature and I fielded a lot of questions early on as to why I left what I still consider to be a paradise.

But I’m still here and the time spent writing and releasing a body of work which essentially catalogues my internal logic for the past few years has given me the ideal opportunity to think carefully about that question of “why”.

I think the answer to that question can be summed up by a Julie Andrews-esque account of a few of my favourite things about London.

Favourite live music venue

The Troubadour Club

This venue is one of the first places I played in London, and it remains one of my favourite spots to play and watch music. There is such a distinctive feel about it. The venue itself sits below the main pub/restaurant and the room is almost ‘L’-shaped, with the stage nestled in the crook. The crowds have always been so attentive and I think that comes partly from the attitude which the venue has towards the artists which play there. It’s about going for a community experience and everyone there contributes to that. It feels totally immersive and although it’s fairly small by comparison it breeds a unique atmosphere, which I love.

The Troubadour Club in 2014 – my first real experience of London music life.

Favourite restaurant/takeaway

Lahore Kebab House

Clearly the next most important thing after a good place for music is where to get a good feed, and Lahore does a seriously good meal. I have always been a lover of a good curry so when some friends of mine told me about Lahore I was straight in. They do some exceptional lamb chops and the portion sizes are more than satisfactory. Again, I think it’s the atmosphere that does it for me. It’s more of a café style restaurant and it’s always chocked full and loud, which I think is exactly how it should be. They always have the cricket on and there is an array of signed merchandise on the walls as well so win/win.

Favourite spot for a walk

I’ve been living in North London for a little while and I’m lucky to be within a stone’s throw of Hampstead Heath which is, in my opinion, the best place for a Sunday walk (and a swim if you’re brave enough). The Heath itself is massive and you can easily go out for an hour + around the different wooded areas. The best part about it is if you can get to the top of Parliament Hill in the middle of the Heath there is an amazing view spanning the whole of London.

Hampstead Heath and the view over London

Favourite story about a local

Speaking of being brave enough, I met someone recently who swims in the Hampstead Heath ponds every single day… and he’s 70. He is a tailor and owns a little shop just down the road from my house and amazingly used to work for George Michael and Diana Ross! I got chatting to him one day and he goes swimming all year round weather be damned! I’m quite keen to try it at some point but I might wait until some of the warmer months before I initiate myself. I do think that it sums up that all-weather English attitude which I think makes it so special.

Ed Wells’ new EP, Home, is out now. Listen to it here:

For more about Ed Well, check out his Facebook Page.