Day 2 of WOMADelaide keeps up the frenetic pace


Warm weather in the high 20’s and a capacity crowd in the tree-covered Botanic Park meant that many people were searching for rest in the shade. But that didn’t slow the energy of the performers. Whether it was the melodious sounds of Pandit Ronu Majumdar & Dr Jayanthi Kumaresh over at stage 7 or the explosive energy of ADG7 on the Foundation stage, there was music continually all around the park.

For those looking for a quieter experience, Planet Talks included “Natural Rights” and “Can Seaweed Save the World?” Over at the Taste the World Pavilion, Julian Belbachir was demonstrating how to create aromatic spiced tea.

UK artwork by Luke Jerram, Gaia is a floating scale representation of planet earth. It becomes a convenient meeting point near stage 2. In the evening it is lit up, which creates a feeling of awe and wonder.

Korean folk pop group ADG7 were like a burst of sunshine. Their infectious energy and brand of shamanic funk had the crowd dancing and cheering. Ak Dan Gwang Chi (ADG7) fuse traditional Korean instruments with modern pop. We are sure to hear more from this group.

Scottish twins, The Proclaimers were hit with the afternoon sun on stage 2, which they braved successfully. After 40 years together, the duo have an endearing charm and confidence about them. There were many young fans in the audience, and it wasn’t all about their hit song “I’m Gonna Be (500 miles)”, but their genuine depth of material.

Venturing beyond the main stages is often a worthwhile experience. Particularly on this afternoon, where Tarabeat x MzRizk led the Morton Bay audience on a piper’s dance. Strangers held hands and danced in a circular congo line. This is the magic of WOMADelaide: the ability to bring people together through music arts and dance.

Meanwhile, back at the Foundation stage, Fantastic Negrito dropped a charismatic and soulful set from his recent album White Jesus Black Problems. Mixing blistering grooves and funk energy, he delivered a sound that was modern yet traditional. Truly a treat to watch.

Hailing from Kyiv and formed during the 2012 Revolution of Dignity, Balaklava Blues are a punk rock version of a traditional Ukranian Folk band. Fusing EDM, Dub-step and drums, they have a solid infectious sound.

By now, girls with flower crowns have staked their claims at the Foundation stage in anticipation of Florence and the Machine. Her fifth studio album Dance Fever was released in 2022 to acclaim. This was her only performance at WOMADelaide.

Following on from Florence and the Machine was a repeat performance of the French Angels Gratte Ciel. Closing the evening was Rizwan Muazzam Qawwals on stage 2. Another full day of World Music and Dance.