Datarock return with wild new record Face the Brutality and new single “Everything”

Norway’s Datarock have been riding a pretty sweet wave recently with the release of their latest record Face the Brutality; with the recent debut of their wild new music video for “Everything”, the electronic group is continuing their hot streak.

Find out a bit more about the band’s new single, straight from the horse’s mouth!

Can you describe the story line behind “Everything”?

Well, the entire idea is based on the “Phantom Zone” scene (please do google the phenomenon) from Superman II from 1980.

As we all turned evil – and our suits Venom’ous black – in the video for “Laugh in the Face of Darkness”, we thought it was the best idea EVER to use DOLK’s square black Rip On piece (seen in the opening of the music video where Ket-Ill ‘keys’ the surface) for me to drive around in, like a Phantom Zone looking, two dimensional vehicle searching for my ‘guilty’ band members to capture them like the villains they are.

At the end though you see the black square turn red, so who knows; perhaps the four guys will come out healed and yet again dressed in red. Strong stuff…

Did “Everything” turn out exactly the way you wanted it to be?

Well, this a total low-budget project that we shot is June 18th, released June 22nd, and had to format for  Latin American MTV a few days later (when they basically headhunted it) – so I’d say yes.

How does this clip relate to “Laugh in the Face of Darkness”?

LITFOD took us and the directiors Sjur Pollen six months to make – with a budget and shoos in several counties, and that turned out pretty amazing …and very confusing, David Lynch meets Stranger Things style. I guess “Everything” sort of picks up where LITFOD left us, but Mats Andersen whom directed it and Øystein Fyxe who shot it (the same guys who did our videos for “Give It Up” and “True Stories”) had very different circumstances – so this had to just be a stupid, fun project.

Where was the clip shot? 

90% at BlinkFilm studio in Bergen plus drums in the elevator right outside (that actually makes the machine sound we recorded for the opening of “Beautiful Monster”), the driveway of the studio, and one more place in the middle of Bergen. The photo of the red DOLK piece (shot by Bent René Synnevåg) however is from a bit outside of Bergen – and we just added some movement in the static fog to make it look alive. Plus added some stock footage Mats had laying around – shot around Bergen.

If you could pick another song off the album to release a clip for – what would it be and why?

Well, we do have footage for “Feathers & Wax”, but had to postpone the project. And some of the others songs I’d love to release a video for is “Beautiful Monster” and “Invitation To Love” – but then again? we could always jus steal some footage from where the title is taken from: Twin Peaks season one.

Lastly, do you have any tour plans for Australia? 

We wish, so if everyone puts pressure on the touring festivals that still book and promoters reach out to our local agent Renee at XIII Touring, we’ll come right away! For now it’s all just European festivals – but next stop Australia!

Photo: Øystein Fyxe


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