Daniel Lee Kendall – Talk The Night Away (2011 EP)

Daniel Lee Kendall is one of those really annoying talented people, who is not only a gifted songwriter, but a gifted songwriter with devilishly good looks and a naïve presence that is both disarming and beguiling.

Talk The Night Away is Kendall’s sophomore release and showcases more of the textured melodies and soothing vocals that had the nation swooning over 2010’s Lost In The Moment EP.

Opener “Hold Me Now” is a gorgeous keyboard based tune that sports sweet sentiments with a very relaxed feel. Kendall’s vocals are smooth and delicious and bring to mind the likes of Jack Johnson and Pete Murray with the husky, heartfelt delivery.

The swirling ambience of “My Soul, The Colosseum” offers a darker moment with its delicate guitars and hypnotic bass that makes for a nice contrast from the boppier tones on the rest of the EP.

“Gone” see’s Kendall stripped back and acoustic as he explores his folk side with a harmonica as accompaniment. It’s a very pretty tune where the man wears his heart on his sleeve to great effect.

Summery samba-esque rhythms shine on “Never Changing” as Kendall gives the listener a chance to get their groove on to a lush sonic landscape of danceable beats and tinkling effects.

While Daniel Lee Kendall’s music doesn’t jump out and instantly grab you, there is a certain charm and eloquence to his sound. Talk The Night Away is a bit of a slow burner, but it is definitely a record worth persisting with. Kendall has a knack for writing engaging, sincere tunes that are sure to find a place in the hearts of music lovers the world over.

Review Score: 7/10