Album Review: Crooked Colours’ LP Langata bridges the magic of Vera with new flair

  • Dan Hanssen
  • May 16, 2019
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Since Crooked Colours‘ release of Vera back in 2017, the trio has become something of a ‘tour de force’ within Australia’s production scene. Vera, built around a profound introduction of their sound, was the perfect launching pad for the group; with outstanding singles such as “Come Back To You”, “Vera” and “I Hope You Get It” all receiving rave reviews from critics and fans alike. It’s now been nearly two years since the album’s release and the trio have been at the forefront of many festivals and album tours showing off their chops.

Where many bands often stumble with their sophomore album, Crooked Colours have embraced the process, allowing their sound to undergo an evolution, all without overwhelming or crippling where they’ve come from. We’ve been able to see this process through some of the singles the band have released in the build up to the release of their new album, Langata; the natural choral sample choices used through “I’ll Be There” or the low key beats of “Never Dance Alone” which also features the New Zealand singer-songwriter Ladyhawke. Both of these tracks are quintessential features of an album which displays both sides of the Crooked Colours coin. A coin that can flip between darker electronica and a more indie pulse.

The guitar work, in particular, on Langata is exceptional and is often a more pronounced feature, especially on both the feature track “Langata”, and “Just Breathe”. Some of the record’s more memorable music hooks come from these two tracks. Though, on a whole the album is transformative and an open display of the trio’s fusion talent.

“Hold On”, still displays that similar flow to much of their earlier work, evoking the pump and angelic vocals that followed the likes of “Come Back To You”. Yet, this can be a dangerous comparison, “Hold On” manages to keep it’s fingers on Crooked Colours pulse, you can instantly hear a cleaner tone that resonates alongside some other moments throughout the album, such as “Mirror Ball”, that hold a similar tone.

As one descends further into the album there is something of a transformation to the album’s overall feel. The tracks tend towards a darker tone, and allows listeners to connect with the band on a level  that Vera may not have allowed for with some listeners. “Lose Someone” stands as a testament to this idea of an evolution in the band’s sound. The track connects the trio’s novel and thumping dance ideology with the deeper sway of lyrics and sound. A bluesy guitar riff combines nicely with some grouped vocal harmonies to convey the track’s message, and create a beautiful juxtaposition.

Langata shows there can be magic in the process and highlights that when a band works within its bounds it can expound an evolution. To some, it may still seem the same band that released Vera two years ago, but Langata is so much more than Vera Pt. 2. It works, both within Crooked Colours boundaries allowing us as listeners to recognise what it is, whilst also allowing Phil, Leon and Liam to explore their wants and needs as artists creating something both they and their fans can enjoy.


Langata is available now. You can catch the band as they head on a national tour, which kicks off in Fremantle tonight.

Crooked Colours Langata National Tour

Fri May 17th | Metropolis – Fremantle WA  w/ Nyxen and Kayex
Sat May 18th | The Tivoli – Brisbane, QLD w/ Kayez
Sun May 19th | Coolangatta Hotel – Coolangatta, QLD w/ Nyxen and Kayex **SOLD OUT**
Fri May 24th | Enmore Theatre – Sydney, NSW w/ Nyxen and Kayex **All Ages**
Sat May 25th | The Forum Theatre – Melbourne, VIC w/ Nyxen and Kayex **SOLD OUT**
Sun May 26th | The Forum Theatre – Melbourne, VIC w/ Nyxen and Kayex
Fri May 31st | Meow – Wellington, NZ w/ Claye and Joise Moon
Sat Jun 1st | Galatos – Auckland, NZ  w/ Claye and Imugi
Fri Jun 7th | UC Refectory – Canberra, ACT w/ Nyxen and Kayex
Sat Jun 8th | Uni Bar – Wollongong, NSW w/ Nyxen and Kayex
Sun Jun 9th | Cambridge Hotel – Newcastle, NSW w/ Nyxen and Kayex

For more information and tickets head HERE