Courtney Barnett (Melbourne) chats backstage at Laneway Festival in Singapore with drummer Dave Mundie

This weekend the AU review sat down amongst other media with Melbourne’s singer/songwriter Courtney Barnett (accompanied by drummer Dave Mundie) at St Jerome’s Laneway Festival in Singapore. Together we find out which city Barnett refers to as ‘the best place in the world.’ They discuss the origin of Barnett’s witty lyrics and she reveals how sarcasm has become her safety net. They go on to talk about her angst-ridden teen years and her love for 90’s grunge band, Nirvana.

In the first part of this video, they discuss the progression and metamorphosis of Barnett’s songs and she opens up about her much-anticipated album that is set to debut this March. Lastly, we find out which past festivals Barnett has enjoyed playing the most.

In part two, below, Dave and Courtney talk about her lyrics and how she writes about what surrounds her… despite having totally different experiences this past year. She also discusses the vast variety of music she grew up listening to such as Hanson and Spice Girls, as well as music her older brother’s music.

You can still catch Courtney on the remaining Australian dates of the Laneway Festival now. Dates are as follows:

Jan 31: Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Feb 1: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Feb 6: Adelaide, SA, Australia
Feb 7: Footscray, VIC, Australia
Feb 8: Fremantle, WA Australia

Larry Heath

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