Cameras – Polarise (2010 EP)

Swirling, ethereal melodies that are drenched in old world romanticism, with all the melodrama of a day time soap, this is what Cameras have delivered with their stunning debut EP Polarise. The trio from Sydney comprised of Fraser Harvey (vox, guitar) Eleanor Dunlop (vox, keys) and Ben Mason (drums) are set to make a name for themselves with their intoxicating sounds that are sharp and refreshing like a vintage scotch served on the rocks.

Polarise is a collection of six well crafted tunes that simultaneously bring to mind the intricacies of Arcade Fire and the dramatic flair of Muse. Cameras have split lead vocal and song writing duties, but the tight artistic relationship between Harvey and Dunlop makes this barely noticeable as they have released a record that sounds cohesive without losing their distinct individual styles.

Dunlop constructs otherworldly soundscapes with her dark melodious vocals and melancholic keyboard arrangements. This makes an interesting contrast from Harvey‘s guitar driven songs which sport the same sinister, brooding tone. Opening track “Polarise” is a sweeping epic of dangerous keys and Dunlop’s hypnotic vocals that is as haunting as it is breathtaking. “Defeatist” is a heart felt indie gem with soft guitars and subtle melodies that barely gives you time to take in the beauty before being bowled over by the ferocious rawk of “Kreuzberg” and its ridiculously catchy riff. The loud sweaty distortion continues into “Mission”, a ballsy number that showcases Cameras song writing prowess and their considered textural variation as they move from melodious pop to dirty gritty rock without batting an eyelid.

Polarise wraps up on a softer note with the chiming instrumental intermission “Motel (a theme)” before closing with “Break Hands” a slow building, climatic affair that will leave you begging for more of Cameras and their orchestral anthemic tunes. Definitely a band to watch out for in 2011.