Cameras – In Your Room (2011 LP)

Sydney trio Cameras are the next big thing in Australian music and they’re sure to have the hype machine buzzing in the lead up to the release of their debut LP this month. In Your Room is a fantastical record that plays on the light and darkness that lives within all of us. Cameras sound is luscious and distinct, they make their own rules without commercial pretensions and the result is fresh and integral music that pushes the boundaries of the genre without trying to be anything other then a rollicking good time.

This is a band who know their indie heritage and there are echoes of Pulp’s swagger, Interpol’s melancholic brooding and the orchestral nature of Arcade Fire present in every note. The nine tracks comprising In Your Room compliment each other beautifully as do the varying shades provided by the dual vocal talents of Eleanor Dunlop and Fraser Harvey.

Cameras have created a heavily atmospheric sound that builds slowly with the intricate instrumental layers. Highlights of the album include opening track “Polarise” which is an absolute stunner with Dunlop’s ethereal tones floating above the sonic miasma of swirling keys and moody guitars. “Patience, It Was The Truth” aches with longing as Harvey emotively croons his obtuse lyrics ‘patience was a monarchist, then she was the sea, she used to be the silo for my wants and needs’. “June” is a gorgeous keyboard ballad that features sweeping melodies which are made all the more poignant by Dunlop’s unique voice.

Cameras particular brand of melodramatic pop is emotionally intense and easy to lose yourself in. Long time fans of the band will recognise the tracks from the Polarise EP that have made their way onto the latest release, but this is not to the band’s detriment as the material has been repurposed by their relationship to the new songs. Cameras make striking sounds that remain with you long after the music ends. Buy this album and turn it up loud. You won’t be disappointed.

Review Score: 9/10