Bonfire Nights – Bonfire Nights (2010 EP)

Another day passes and another Brisbane based band propels an accomplished EP out into the universe. Three piece Bonfire Nights dropped their self titled debut in late 2010 and it showcases their diverse style and ability to move seamlessly between genres while still maintaining a sense of continuity and originality.

Opener “Own Worst Enemy” is a rocking tune that recalls the work of The White Stripes and BRMC with its big dirty hooks and lascivious energy that permeates throughout the track. “Leave Yourself Open” builds slowly with the expansive synth and sparse drumming, culminating is a rush of vocal ambience.

“We Don’t Care” melds sugary pop harmonies with a rollicking riff for endless catchy fun. “Don’t Have To Be Here” is more ambient pop with beguiling echoing vocals that soothe as they swirl amidst the haze of keyboard effects. “Teenage Kicks” ends the record on a sweet note with it’s gorgeous guitar and girl-boy harmonies that show the softer side of Bonfire Nights.

The Bonfire Nights EP makes for pleasant listening with an array of sounds and influences to consume. The three piece seem destined for bigger and better things with their smooth blend of indie rock and ambient pop that is sure to delight and inspire.

Review Score: 7/10