Blame Ringo – Too Strange For Avery (2010 LP)

I’m beginning to think there are steroids in the Brisbane water supply. The local bands continue to crank out track after track of indie pop perfection that packs a punch with killer hooks and an overwhelming sense of adventure.

Blame Ringo are the latest act to join the ranks of Hungary Kids of Hungry, John Steel Singers and Ball Park Music in their assault on the nation, with the release of their second long player Too Strange For Avery. The four piece are wilfully subversive, concocting quite the name for themselves with a personal vendetta against Ringo Starr (who forced a name change back in 2008 with the threat of legal action, the band originally played under the title Goodnight Vienna, the name of a Starr album) and their unusual touring habits (playing only in Laundromats and the recent Can’t Grovember Tour in support of prostate cancer awareness). Blame Ringo’s somewhat faddish attention seeking antics are all part of their charm, with their playful nature reflected heavily in the fun loving feel of their music.

Too Strange For Avery is a blatantly happy affair from start to finish, and whilst the band have worked hard to build their light hearted, quirky reputation, their ability to pen a fantastic pop ditty is something to be taken seriously. Blame Ringo have some heavy 60’s influences and their music is quite simply fun personified.

Right from the opening track, which is quite aptly titled “The Sunshine Song”, the band set about creating a vibe of euphoric bliss with simple melodies to delight the listener‘s ears. “At The In-Between” has the same nostalgic Summer feel and is an early highlight of the record. The band have given some thought to texture and thrown a few quiet moments into the mix, making for a pleasant balance between the energy of danceable tracks such as “The Girl Who Likes Me”, and the dramatic romance of “One Way Driver” and “Midnight to Twilight”.

With a fine sophomore release, Blame Ringo have proven that their absurd mission to blame Ringo Starr for everything has some longevity. They will halt even the firmest critics in their tracks, as it is nigh impossible to fault music that is so ridiculously uplifting and enjoyable. Whilst Blame Ringo are hardly reinventing the wheel with their gentle, twee offerings, they have given their own perspective on some lust for life, good time jams that is sure to brighten up your summer if you give them a chance.

Review Score: 7/10