Best of 2011 Countdown: Top 40 Albums – Part 2: 30 – 21

We return with the next batch of our favourite albums of 2011…

Arctic Monkeys – Suck It and See

“Arctic Monkeys can do no wrong. Seriously. Even with a slightly more chilled out album than previous ones, it still rocks my socks.” – Karina Carroll

Tyler, The Creator – Goblin

“Gotta put GOBLIN as my number one this year. The album kicked serious amounts of arse, as Tyler The Creator puts down some incredibly succulent rapping (despite the controversy) with an album that shows OFWGKTA have the appeal and talent to continue far into the future.” – Andrew Wade

The Horrors – Skying

With the record reaching number 5 on the UK charts, The Horrors have affirmed their status as one of the world’s hottest commodities, skinny jeans and all. Plus, it helped that it was one of the most highly regarded releases of the year by any band. You can check them out live at Laneway… you can bet we’re looking forward to it.

Mastodon – The Hunter

For more than a fair few, The Hunter served as a brilliant introduction to American Metal Band Mastodon – arguably their most accessible and successful record to date. But it was the fans of the band who were the most behind the music, citing it as their best to date. And indeed, a fair few fans are amongst our contributor base and will no doubt be pleased to see it on the list…

Husky – Forever So

“This soft, Monday afternoon record, is perfect for when you’re feeling a little delicate and introspective. Utilising bunches of reverb and gangling acoustic guitar; Forever So is a beautiful debut that sounds spectacular. Stand out tracks ‘The Woods’ and ‘History’s Door’ feature rich harmonies and layers that, when heard through headphones, will cause such rampant daydreaming that you may miss your bus stop.” – Kirsty Visman

Josh Pyke – Only Sparrows

“Josh Pyke is one of Australia’s finest modern songwriters, and his third album Only Sparrows only confirms this title. The album is further demonstration of what Pyke is already known for: acoustic, melodic songs that tug at heartstrings.” – Amelia Barnes

Frank Turner – England Keep My Bones

“A confident and brave record, that highlights Turner’s position as currently one of Britain’s best songwriters. A diverse record which blends the disparate elements of punk and traditional folk superbly.” – Simon Clark

Foster The People – Torches

An album so nice that we invited them back to our country thrice!

Laura Marling – A Creature I Don’t Know

“Marling has created an album here that is both exhilarating and affecting. It’s a record that sees Marling maturing as a musician, and becoming one who is not afraid to push the boundaries of her craft. Despite the few genre diversions on this record, Marling has maintained the rawness and emotional honesty of her earlier records, and produced an album of remarkable quality; which takes the listener on a journey, which flows with such wonderful ease.” – Simon Clark

Foo Fighters – Wasting Light

“One of the most rockin’ albums of 2011 came from the Gods of Modern Rock, the Foo Fighters, and it should be of no surprise that it made our list. From the in-your-face experience of “White Limo” to the classic feel of “Walk”, this is an album which takes the Fighters back to their roots, recording on tape in a garage, with a bunch of Dave’s friends – even Kris! It’s often been said that the Foos could do no wrong, but when they release their best album in over a decade, you have to pinch yourself a little bit. Not only can they do no wrong, but they can do you one better…” – Larry Heath

Keep checking back for more of our favourite albums of 2011! Top 20 still to come of out favourite tracks of 2011, too… thanks again to all the contributors who took part in voting for this countdown.