Behind the Scenes of Taylor B-W’s “Nunchucks” music video

Sydney indie-pop artist Taylor B-W has just released the video for her latest single, “Nunchucks”. She is an artist with a bullet against her trajectory. In “Nunchucks”, she is rocking a 90’s RnB vibe with soaring vocals. It’s a seriously infectious tune; fun, upbeat and packed with a killer groove.

Talking about the song, Taylor says: “The song is about giving up on a relationship; I’ve done as much as I can, there’s nothing else worth fighting for in this partnership. So why bother? It’s a no strings attached pop song: nothing deep, just fun.” 

The video was filmed in Sydney, and those in the inner-west might recognise some of the locations – Sydnenham basketball courts and Newtown’s Vintage @ 313 in particular. The video was put together by Moose Visuals.

With regards to the aesthetics of the video, Taylor states: “Having always been inspired by ‘90s music and culture, including the bright outfits and cheeky attitudes of R&B female groups and artists like TLC, Salt ‘n’ Pepa, Janet Jackson and The Spice Girls, I wanted to give a nostalgic nod to that era by incorporating the ‘90s vibe into the whole look of the single.”

There’s no doubt that Taylor has managed to bring this vision to life. It’s a fun sassy video, a perfect complement to a song that showcases a killer voice.  And those outfits, totally ‘of the era’.

Taylor has put together a special ‘behind the scenes’ package of what went on in putting this video together. Watch this, then check out the finished result.

The video for “Nunchucks”.

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