Bad Juju discuss their new single “Let’s Talk”

We’re Bad Juju – a five-piece grunge rock band from Melbourne. Our new single “Let’s Talk” is premiering today over on the AU review’s Instagram, and it’s great to finally share it with the world ahead of its official release on Wednesday 2nd September. We are so thankful for this opportunity and hope you enjoy the track and getting to know us a little more.

“Let’s Talk” is a song about leaving a relationship with someone who is wrong for you and makes you feel bad about yourself. The track is lifted from our upcoming sophomore EP You’re Not Alone, out Friday 4th September.

It’s about the relief of feeling free after it ends and the excitement of what’s to come – a situation many of us have experienced while we are growing up. We all learn a lot through dating and friendships with people in our lives. Sometimes you just have to get away if you don’t feel like you are being treated right. A big moment in the song’s narrative is when the protagonist finally decides to take the plunge and to end a toxic relationship. That can be a big and scary moment. In the bridge of the song, Russ sings about the sense of hope that can arrive in the aftermath of deciding to make a change. Although the tone of ‘Let’s Talk’ is fairly tongue-in-cheek, the big message is that even in shitty times there is hope. To varying degrees, we can all act in positive ways to take back control of our lives. This song was definitely inspired a lot by the attitudes of early Offspring and Green Day which as kids, we grew up loving.

We recorded the You’re Not Alone EP with Callan Orr at Avalanche Studios. Cal recorded our first EP Hidden Desire and we were really happy with the sound and the recording process so we decided to double down and collaborate again on this EP. Cal brings a lot to the table, he has a lot of experience and is a great person to create music with so it was a really fun process again. We tried a lot more things on guitar that we didn’t last time. A lot more modulation effects and different tones that we think add interesting flavours to the songs.

This time around we also had a couple of new faces in the band too – Matt coming in on bass and Drue on drums. They brought a lot to the band and helped create some really fun songs to play. We learned so much from creating our debut EP Hidden Desire so we had a good idea of what we wanted to try and how we wanted this EP to sound. We’re excited for people to finally hear it in full!

As a band, we have always wanted to bring the importance of mental health to the forefront through our music, and hope to remind people that even when their everyday struggles might seem like a mountain, there is a helping hand available. This is something we focus on throughout You’re Not Alone.

The reality can be hard to escape, and I think that makes it more important for us to remember to be kind and thoughtful towards each other.

With that said, we just want to stress that you are important, and you’re not alone.

If you need an immediate helping hand there are services like Beyond Blue, Lifeline, and Better Pride (LGBTIQA+) where you can speak to someone safely and without judgment, either by phone call or by text message.

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