Aussie Indie Artists: Lara Villani on singing cover songs and songwriting

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Aussie Indie Artists is a series of interviews with lesser known Aussie creators across all forms and fields. The goal is to share exciting new works, find new angles towards the art, and peek behind the scenes. 

Lara Villani’s music journey began at age 6, when her big sister started singing lessons. Like all little sisters, she didn’t want to miss out, so she started lessons too. Then, when she and her best friend sang at the school talent show, her lifelong passion began. 

Now, she’s releasing her first single– “Stop” – a pop rock anthem about breaking free from bad influences. Along with its stylish music video, “Stop” marks Lara’s bombastic debut, and it’ll be exciting to see where she goes from here.

I talked to Lara about “Stop”s debut, writing her single, and her inspirations.

Congratulations on your debut. And the music video is awesome too. Was that the first time that you’ve done something like that?

Absolutely, this was my very first experience creating and starring in a music video. I have to admit, I was quite nervous at first, but it turned out to be an incredibly enjoyable experience. Being on set and in front of the camera was a unique thrill, and it allowed me to connect with the song on a whole new level. It helped me elevate the meaning of the words and the lyrics of the track. I have to thank Tier One productions for making the entire process truly special and memorable.

Before “Stop” you were a cover artist weren’t you? Was this the first song you’ve written?

Yes! This being my debut single, it marks a significant milestone in my musical journey. The process of creating it has truly made me fall in love with songwriting. It’s been a profound learning experience. I’ve realised how writing music can be a therapeutic tool, helping not only myself but also others through their tough times.

Is it a big change to sing for a song you’ve written instead of an old favourite?

Singing my own music is a unique and special experience. It’s different because I get to explore and share my personal experiences through my songs. I feel a deep connection to the lyrics and melodies. It’s a more intimate and authentic expression of myself as an artist.

Do you feel like your music is taking a new direction now that you’ve debuted as a singer/songwriter?

Singing my own music is a unique and special experience. It’s different because I get to explore and share my personal experiences through my songs. I feel a deep connection to the lyrics and melodies, and that connection makes my performance feel distinct from singing others’ music. It might sound cliché, but I genuinely believe that writing your music is a crucial process for self-discovery as an artist.

And will you keep doing covers?

Yes absolutely! I love making covers, I think all artists do!  Singing songs that resonate with you and your emotions is a beautiful thing. I believe that covers and showing appreciation for other artists is a beautiful connection. I also have lots of new original material too. 

Exciting! Who are a few artists that have been inspiring you lately?

I deeply admire Billie Eilish for her authentic and relatable music. She’s a driven artist with a broad connection to her audience. Billie’s authenticity has had a significant impact on how women in music are perceived, and inspiring young girls around the world. I find this powerful.

What about some old classics, some childhood favourites?

Old classics will always be on rotation on my playlists, if you haven’t heard my song you can tell I am a sucker for classic elements in music. I love a big crescendo, strong vocals and a strong guitar lead. From age 8-15 the only music I would sing was Adele and this was a deep love that carries on to today. She is ultimately my biggest idol. 

And what else is coming from Lara Villani?

So much cool stuff! I will be releasing new music. I’m currently working towards releasing a number of singles in 2024 which I am so excited about. 

Looking forward to it! Thanks for the interview.

Thank you so much for this experience.

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Branden Zavaleta

West Australian Writer & Photographer