Alpine – Zurich (2010 EP)

ALPINE album-headers

It’s difficult for a music enthusiast to keep track of all the new talent in Melbourne, particularly when the bands keep changing their names. Swiss have been making waves since they first popped up on the local scene late last year, and the six piece who are now known as Alpine are finally unleashing their debut EP Zurich. 

Between you and I, it was well worth waiting for. 

Alpine make indie pop seem effortless with their dreamy soundscapes and ethereal layered vocals that are both soothing and subtly sinister all in the same breath. The Zurich EP is a grand introduction to their sound, which is reminiscent of The XX, Phoenix and Metric, whilst still maintaining their own voice. Lead single “Heartlove” is a danceable number that encompasses a sense of urgency and despair. The breathy dual vocals provided by Louisa James and Phoebe Baker are hypnotic like the song of the siren as they drag you into the depths with their beguiling tones. 

“Too Safe” is a shoe gaze fantasy which showcases the bands seamless ability to write catchy hook laden tunes that are drenched in unfettered emotion, lending a sense of artistic merit to the project. “Tough Skin” offers a gorgeous reflective moment with its wistful guitars and echoing harmonies, which are the backbone of Alpine’s beauty. “Villages” is the highlight of the record. The lo-fi gem embodies the spirit of a misspent youth with the flagrant chaos that ensues in the chorus. This track is melancholic pop perfection with all the sensibilities of a Chan Marshall penned hit. 

The EP ends with “Icypoles”, an understated piece comprised of sweeping eighties infused melodies that provides a lush backdrop to the enchanting vocal gymnastics which never cease to delight. Zurich is a strong debut full of orchestral wonderment that is sure to satisfy indie kids on dance floors the world over. The music is engaging with an element of despondency and unfulfilled desire which emanates through the multi-faceted sound. 

Be sure to catch Alpine as they tour with The Naked and Famous and Jinja Safari this Spring. 

Review Score: 8/10.