Aleks & The Ramps + Teeth & Tongue – The Toff In Town (07.07.11)

Aleks & The Ramps

Aleks & The Ramps are one of the many local artists who have been kicking around for years and have never managed to do more than gain an eccentric mix of fans to match the quirky nature of their sound. It was a bold move getting Teeth & Tongue to open for them, as the majority of punters were there to see Jess Cornelius play.

Cornelius was in fine form and visibly less nervous than she was at her own album launch a few weeks ago. The young chanteuse let her vocals soar and her dirty, bluesy, pop was all encompassing. Cornelius has a sweet, understated presence and the music really took off with fantastic renditions of “Unfamiliar Skirts”, “Sad Sun” and “Happiness” being highlights of a solid set.

The crowd noticeably thinned between acts, but nonetheless Aleks & The Ramps took to the stage with gusto. The Ramps an odd bunch, with the guitarist opting to break out the footy shorts and open shirt combo on an icy cold winter’s evening. They have a very fun presence and played an upbeat, engaging set with happy melodies that were reminiscent of Vampire Weekend and Ponytail.

The harmonies provided by Aleks and new band member ‘Whistling Nancy’ were patchy in places as neither of them are accomplished vocalists and for me this did detract from the music slightly. For the most part though, the band played well together and it was an enjoyable set. Aleks & The Ramps have a positive energy and it was fun watching them all bop around onstage lapping up their time in the limelight.