Album Review: The Story So Far – I Want To Disappear (2024)

The Story So Far is set to grace your ears today with their highly anticipated fifth album, I Want To Disappear, and what an exceptional treat it is. Formed in 2007, the band has built a reputation for infrequent but highly impactful releases, making this new album particularly special. Following the immense success of their 2018 album, Proper Dose, which remains a personal favourite, I Want To Disappear is a masterful evolution of their sound.

The album, produced by Jon Markson, has garnered stellar reviews for its singles. Despite a lineup change with their bassist departing in 2022, the band has crafted a seamlessly mixed and emotionally resonant album. Parker Cannon’s vocals shine throughout, especially on the closing track, encapsulating themes of loss and introspection with a touch of emo flair that fans will find irresistible.

“All This Time” opens the album with a passionate, upbeat energy that sets the perfect tone without being overly heavy. The vocals are exceptionally well-produced, carrying deep and meaningful lyrics like “all this time you’ve just been counting down, making plans for when you’re not around.” This track mirrors the sound of Proper Dose while elevating it to new heights. Following this, “Watch You Go” maintains the fun energy but tones it down slightly. The pre-chorus is particularly captivating, with melodic yet passionate vocals. The fast-paced drums in the verses add a distinct punk feel, making it an enjoyable continuation of the opener.

The album’s earlier-released single, “Letterman”, offers a fun and vibrant indication of what the rest of the album holds. It captures the essence of the band’s style while hinting at the thematic depth explored throughout. On the other hand, “Jump The Gun” provides choruses reminiscent of Neck Deep, offering a more toned-down approach, but with instrumentals that remain creative and engaging. The bridge is a standout moment, and despite the song’s complexity, everything is mixed so beautifully that it never feels overstimulating or messy.

“Big Blind”, the first track released from the album, blends seamlessly into the rest of the work, setting a high bar. It’s impressive that other tracks on the album manage to surpass it, showcasing the band’s growth and creativity. Meanwhile, “Nothing To Say” stands out from the very first note with its upbeat and fun punk-y melody. Lyrics like “I just want to feel better, easier said than done” and “my whole life’s shattered, when I got that call I was done” convey heartbreak and loss, yet the track remains emotive and enjoyable, perfect for belting out at a concert.

A real standout on the album, “Keep You Around” is a gem with a super catchy chorus. It leans towards emo, especially in the breakdown leading into the bridge, where the vocals and echoes/backup vocals shine. This track is destined to be a fan favourite. Contrasting this, “You’re Still In My Way” is an incredibly fun song, heavier instrumentally with fast-paced verses and a captivating electric guitar. The outro, with overlaying vocals, adds to the overall enjoyment and highlights the band’s energetic vibe.

“White Shores” slows things down with a beautiful acoustic arrangement that allows the vocals to truly shine. Lyrics like “How can I navigate the loss, now I have this life because of you” add depth. The song builds up nicely with backing vocals, standing out as a heartfelt, substantial piece on the album. Finally, the titular track, “I Want To Disappear”, is a really beautiful closer. It’s not big and anthemic, but it is a gorgeous track that featured Cannon’s vocal range so stunningly. It starts off acoustic with stripped-back, raw vocals that are softer and more sincere than the rest of the album, and those high notes are breathtaking. With the poignant line, “I’m not sure if I love you,” the album concludes on a deeply emotional and resonant note.

I Want To Disappear is a journey through introspection, loss, and the raw, unfiltered emotions that define The Story So Far. Each track is meticulously crafted, with impeccable production and stunning vocal performances. This album perfectly showcases the band’s growth and their ability to create music that is both deeply personal and universally relatable. The Story So Far has once again proven their prowess in the punk/pop punk scene, making this release an unmissable highlight of the year.


I Want To Disappear from The Story So Far is out now