Album Review: The Ruby Suns – Christopher (2013 LP)

I struggle with the indie music scene in the 21st century; mainly because it’s all starting to look and sound the same and I can’t for the life of me distinguish between one skinny jeaned, Jenny Kee jumper wearer and their synths from the next. Not everyone can write thirty minute mind blowing epics like Michael Gira or make weird shit sound awesome like Animal Collective.

Some creators are just part of the crowd and write inoffensive bouncy tunes that sound alright after a few rounds of pints. This is what I thought of New Zealander’s The Ruby Suns on the first listen through their latest release Christopher.

Since the instant dismissal, this record has grown on me and I have come to appreciate its slow burning brilliance. The glistening electronics are refreshing like a cool sea breeze on a scorching summer afternoon. The melodies are danceable but relaxed enough to simply put the music on, increase the volume and lie back and chill with your feet up and beer in hand. Take a moment to listen the lyrics and you’ll realise that this is indeed a breakup record but not a typically sad one. There are moments of subtle melancholia that speak more of isolation than heartbreak and the smooth beats and stellar production serve to wash away whatever angst has been left bubbling beneath the surface.

For reference sake this album is a bit like Memory Tapes crossed with Yeasayer’s Fragrant World; the kind of music that unbeknowingly brings a smile to your face. If you’re a fan of that sound then take the time to listen to Christopher. You won’t be disappointed.

Review Score: 7.8 out of 10