Album Review: The Milk – Tales From The Thames Delta (2012 LP)

It may be hard to believe that Tales From The Thames Delta is actually the debut album from The Milk. The album can mistake you into thinking it came from a band who have been releasing music for years.

Opening track ‘Broke Up The Family’ has hints of The Black Keys about it, then follows a swift genre change with ‘Hometown’ where pop and soul come crashing together brilliantly topped off with Rick Nunn’s voice bringing it all together with the same vibe travelling into ‘(All I Wanted Was) Danger’.

The Milk show how versatile a band they are with Tales From The Thames Delta and it is again highlighted with ‘Nothing But Matter’ with it bringing reggae melodies into the album and ‘B-Roads’ also allowing R&B and soul influences shine through.

‘Chip The Kids’ has a magical 80’s feel to it. It is a very upbeat track full of energy that is one of the few consistent features of the album. Closing track ‘Lay The Pain On Me’ brings the music back to basics. A simple piano track with soft soulful vocals accompanying it.

Tales From The Thames Delta is an extremely mixed up album that cannot be defined by a simple genre and that’s what makes it so good. It crosses soul, rock and even features a series of hip hop beats and scratches provided by Brad Baloo. The album is a very enjoyable listen and the future is certainly bright for the Essex band.

Review Score: 9.1 out of 10.