Album Review: Spacey Jane’s second LP Here Comes Everybody is a brilliant continuation of Sunlight

  • Dan Hanssen
  • June 24, 2022
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After the band’s 2020 debut album Sunlight, which skyrocketed Spacey Jane to the stratosphere of the Australian music industry, it was hard to think that their follow up LP would hit the same notes. Yet, they’ve managed to capture the strength of their previous releases, and on Here Comes Everybody – out today – even develop it a little.

For people who are long-time fans of the band, Here Comes Everybody is a brilliant continuation of Sunlight. For those who are new to Spacey Jane, it’s an energetic entry point to the four-piece that paints a solid picture of the band’s exploits. One of the beauties of Spacey Jane is the band’s ability to be predictable. Some may think this is a bad thing, but it means that the surprises on the album really stand out.

The first half of the album doesn’t really offer any surprises, with five of the six opening tracks released as singles. The one track that didn’t make it onto the EP, “Clean Out My Car”, is a nice addition to the first side of the LP and really focuses on the vocals of Caleb Harper, flowing over a relaxing ebb and flow. Spacey Jane has a talent for turning stories of heartbreak into catchy tunes, and “Clean My Car” is no exception to this, almost catching you off guard when you pick up on the lyrics.

It also is the perfect set-up for its following track, “Hardlight”. This track has a bit more bop to it, while in typical Spacey Jane fashion, the lyrics tear off emotional layers; it’s hard not to get lost in the instrumental work from the foursome.

The second half of Here Comes Everybody features works that haven’t been previously released, and while they offer new stories from the band, they again don’t offer anything outside of what you’d expect from a Spacey Jane album. That being said, it’s still a fun journey and tracks like “Not What You Paid For” and “Yet” shine for their lyrical journeys.

The slower tracks really stand out on the album, and “Bothers Me” is a great example of how to release built tension in a track without needing a break or any solos leading back into a track. The lyrics are what give it a level of tension, and it’s following the tracks story that releases it. That is where the power of Spacey Jane lies; while they’re easy listening on the surface, there is so much more depth to their tracks and albums. It all comes through the lyrical work.

“Pulling Through” closes out the album and offers us something a little different. While it still has a rhythm that saunters along, the vocal harmonies that ebb and flow throughout the track give it more depth, something well worth being a closing track.

Overall, Here Comes Everybody is a solid sophomore album. It gives you space to relax and has the lyrical depth to give you something to think about. While Spacey Jane fans are going to love every part of the album, the sound is pretty similar to their debut. Perhaps, there is a bit more to the lyrics, but Spacey Jane has always put a particular emphasis on their lyrical strength. All in all, a great sophomore release, but I do home they develop the sound a little more for future releases.


Here Comes Everybody is out today. You can find out more at their official website.