Album Review: Sick Visor have fun being weird on new EP For Wise People Who Appreciate Quality

Melbourne/Naarm indie-punk duo Sick Visor have today dropped their energetic debut EP For Wise People Who Appreciate Quality and it’s sure to brighten your shittiest of days. Comprised of vocalist/guitarist Alex Moses (Columbus) and vocalist/drummer Katie Lovelock (Baby Shower), the five-track project is a celebration of the simpler things in life.

The EP was produced and mixed by Moses between their home studio and an AirBnB in regional Victoria. Featuring the singles “Happy Pessimistic People Person Introvert”, “Shit for Brains” and “My Legs Feel Good in My Pants”, you can get a gist of the project’s playful themes just from the hilarious titles. Bouncy passages and infectious hooks make this catchy collection of songs a sonic ball-pit for us so-called “grown-ups”.

“The EP is about growing up, having fun and learning to be okay with feeling happy,” says Moses. “Sick Visor’s mission statement is to bring childlike joy back to being grown-ups. We don’t feel like we’re adults yet – when we’re having the most fun, we’re usually acting like stupid children.”

Upbeat opener “Happy Pessimistic People Person Introvert” (such a great name) boasts big riffs and fast drums with a verse from each member. Lyrically, the song addresses the anxieties of daily life with a tongue-in-cheek approach in a joyful manner – Sick Visor in a nutshell. Up next, “My Legs Feel Good in My Pants” is a rocking singalong with layered guitars and catchy melodies from start to finish. The song encourages you to find happiness in the little wins, such as comfortable clothes, and enjoy moments like this before they pass.

“Love is Free” is a fun rock song about being broke and in love, something many of us can relate to, with sweet harmonies floating over picked riffs and dynamic drums. Moving along, “Shit for Brains” is a short and frantic track that’s self-deprecating on the surface with a lovable unity underneath. Also, that vocalised bit with the guitar is pretty cool. Cruisy closer “Sticky Tape” is an inclusive personal analysis of soaring vocals, bright guitars and steady rhythms with the occasional da-na-na thrown in. ‘We all need somebody to be there when it all goes to shit,’ right?

For Wise People Who Appreciate Quality is out now on all streaming platforms. Follow Sick Visor on Facebook and Instagram for more.