Album Review: On See You (2019 EP) Sweater Curse showcase their talent and potential

Brisbane band Sweater Curse have been making many waves in the Australian music scene over the past few years, with support slots for major artists, Triple J Unearthed support and a growing list of performances. Now, with their new EP See You, the band offer up a full showcase of just why they’ve become so beloved.

The six-track EP features an extensive display of both instrumental and vocal quality. Sweater Curse crafts moving and emotional songs, with crashing reverb and percussion to create rhythmic-yet-smooth alternative rock songs. There’s a tinge of shoegaze, with the instrumental elements often melding together to form a reverb-soaked wall of sound, which acts as a perfect backdrop for the beautiful vocals featured on such tracks as “Take Some Time”.

Sweater Curse have definitely developed something of a unique sound, thanks to their variation in styles. Classic rock percussive elements will slip into punk, before morphing into something completely different, all within the first stages of a song. This fluidity of style leads to beautifully clean progression and cohesion across not only a song, but the also the EP in its entirety. The cohesive nature of the band’s style imbues their music with a great deal of momentum, despite its ebbs and flows.

There’s still a tinge of “amateurish” charm to the band’s occasional distortion or rough-around-the-edge play style, but the attention to detail and skill deployed make this album an excellent exhibition for the band, and shows an immense amount for talent for a group who are still only in the early stages of their career.

The bright eyed single “(Hear You)” is See You‘s standout track with excellent, textured audio that has a beautifully summery edge to it. The song constantly rises and crescendos in a beautiful vocal harmony, as the guitars and drums begin to melt together then fade away entirely.

Overall this EP is definitely worth your time. See You is an excellent project from a new up-and-coming band and has an element of uniqueness and flair that will undoubtedly push them far in their artistic pursuits.


Sweater Curse’s new EP See You is released March 1st. The band will be appearing at the Farmer & The Owl Festival on Saturday. For more information click HERE.


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