Album Review: LOSER’s Restless Noise (2018 EP) is a rock collab that’ll leave you wanting more

If, after hearing their first singles, you were left thinking Melbourne’s newest alt-rock trio LOSER sound crazily professional and experienced for a new band, you my friend, would be correct. The trio is the love child of Australian rock icons, with Tim Maxwell (Apart From This/Grim Rhythm) Chris Cowburn (The Smith Street Band) and Craig Selak (The Bennies) joining forces after becoming good mates performing on the same festival lineups over the years.

Violent Soho’s James Tidswell started his own label Domestic La La in 2017. Tidswell gave the group the start they needed, signing LOSER and praising the newbies, saying “I’ve been a fan of what these guys have done separately, so I was excited when I heard they were going to make music together.“

Adding some more big names to this band’s short history, LOSER got the opportunity to open for Luca Brasi and performed a sold out show with only two released songs under their belt! Their 5 song debut EP Restless Noise, including debut single “Loser” and follow up single “Phase Me” is set to be released on 26 October, presenting us with some high energy belters and some softer, contemplative tracks.

The foot tapping, fist pumping catchiness, of “Loser” earned the band Triple J play and Triple J Unearthed Feature artist of the week earlier in the year. I personally think every song on this EP is a notch above this popular track so it will be exciting to see Australia’s reaction to Restless Noise.

The EP balances grimy 90s nostalgia, self deprecating rock relatability and infectious melodies; all bundled in a heavy, mosh pit yearning sweat storm. Opening reminiscently with the first song the group ever wrote together, “Phase Me” is riffs and recklessness galore. In true Smith Street style, title track “Restless Noise” begins with lullaby like introspection cultivating a story of isolation, losing sleep and over thinking. If you aren’t living under a rock you will now understand the fuss over Ruby Field’s most recent single “Dinosaurs” which starts off soft and melodic before unexpectedly exploding in to rock n roll mayhem. “Restless Noise” has the same perfectly unexpected shock of aggression and power you’ll love.

Closing off the EP, “Some Say” is a backhanded tribute, written by bassist Craig Selak, addressed to “those personalities in the music industry, and those people who will burn anyone to get successful.” It wouldn’t be Aussie rock without subtly (or not) calling out people in their angsty lyrics, covered by driving guitars and harsh melodies.

At just over 17 minutes, this EP leaves you wanting more. Using the distinctive qualities of each member, we get a first look at the versatility of their sound, and hopefully this is just the start of things to come. From the brooding start of “Restless Noise” to the filth of “Some Say” this EP is nothing we haven’t heard before, but none the less something we never seem to get sick of. Suited to intimate pub gigs and huge festival stages, it’s safe to say you’ll be seeing these legends around for a while yet.



Restless Noise is out 26th October 2018. For more information about LOSER click HERE.


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