Album Review: Lakyn’s & Pains (2018 EP) demonstrates real beauty through his lyrics and growth in his sound

  • Dan Hanssen
  • September 10, 2018
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Emotion is often at the centerpoint of many artists works, with Lakyn’s upcoming EP & Pains drawing heavily on his feelings and experiences, causing the listener to be enraptured by Lakyn’s sound throughout six delicately cultivated tracks.

Lakyn has been in and around the industry for some time, but his powerful songs have helped him open for some of Australia’s pop talents including Vera Blue, Jack River and Vancouver Sleep Clinic. This EP is a pure look at the music Lakyn is able to engineer, his vocal fusions of RnB, pop and his upbringing in rock are exquisite, offering each one of the six tracks on & Pains something slightly different.

The EP’s opening track “View Looks So Good” sets & Pains into a laid-back cruise, with the earlier released single really giving a measuring point for the growth of Lakyn’s work. The track is a smooth, low yield groove, but Lakyn’s vocals have real bite behind them, giving the track a real sense of personality. The hook driven track sets the energy for & Pain well, setting the scene, but leaving room for the other tracks to grow.

The gears switch promptly as “Sweet Days” brings about a melancholic vibe in Lakyn’s vocals. The upbeat guitar and mellowed ambient synths evoke a sense of nostalgia that works so well. “Sweet Days” also amply displays Lakyn’s ability to write. His lyric work through the song feels as much like storytelling as it is music, with the track becoming a relatable tale of looking back on love.

The middle pieces of the EP, “West”, “Slumdog” and “First Impressions” are the energy centres of & Pain, each using more guitar work alongside Lakyn’s energised vocals. Each recording leads well into the next, driving into the back end of the track with a strong sense of destination. These songs still have a real RnB and pop sensibility, but they are blessed with moments of plucked guitar breakthroughs, helping to add emphasis.

The highlight of the EP comes at the close. “Soldier”, written with his grandfather’s fight through a heart attack in mind, displays the emotional resonance within Lakyn’s music. The bluesy guitar work and thundering bass underneath creates a picture of juxtaposing feelings as the adoration and sentimentality mix in the charm of the song. With the production work on display drawing parallels with the emotive visions of LANKS, Lakyn’s smooth & charming vocals and lyrics help draw and evoke a heavy sense of emotion. “Soldier” is a standout track, with one of the main hooks “You’re a soldier/I respect you and devote you” exhibiting a true sense of love.

Lakyn’s third EP & Pains demonstrates a true journey through life, with Lakyn using his music as a further representation and expression of himself. The EP is something that can be listened to at all times of the day; and is a great way to get truly in touch with Lakyn’s moving and emotive music.




& Pains is available this Friday, 14th September through Island Records. The NZ native will then hit the road for an album launch tour from 27th September to 4th October 2018 in Australia. Follow Lakyn on Facebook for all the details.

Thur 27th Sept – Lansdowne Hotel – Sydney (with Nardean)
Friday 28th Sept – Black Bear Lodge – Brisbane (with Blaq Carrie)
Thur 4th Oct – Northcote Social Club – Melbourne (with Charlie Threads)
Friday 2nd Nov – Whammy Bar – Auckland. NZ