Album Review: Kim Churchill’s I Am (2019 EP) finds the brilliant balance between the warmth of summer and life

Even a week after the release of Kim Churchill’s new EP I Am, I still have positive, yet complicated, feelings about an EP that has provided me with a little solace in a life that has recently taken a turn for the busier. I’ve particularly enjoyed the juxtaposed nature of the collection, with its moments of perceived beauty and insight coupled with tracks that are chipper, exciting and explorative.

Having taken some a step back from recording and spending time on the touring circuit, Kim has hit out with I Am, the first in a series of four EPs that he’s planning on releasing over the next two years. With these recordings Kim brings us a renewed sense of summer just as we’re moving into 2019’s colder months.

The journey starts with the glistening of guitar riffs, which won’t be too unusual to a fan of Kim Churchill’s work, after all he often employed bubbly guitar riffs to emphasise the vocals throughout his earlier recordings. The Newcastle-based artist uses this to great affect on “The Sunroom”,  the whimsical tune and central track that binds together the whole EP. Filled with cheerful moments, this light hearted tune is a highlight of the collection.

Yet, I Am looks at more than just life’s happy moments, with the EP also offering moments of insight and introspection. “Fallen Rainbows”, for example, gives listeners a glimpse into Churchill’s response to the negative emotions that naturally flourish through life. The sombre minor chords boost the mood of the piece and while the track moves through the complex workings of Churchill’s emotions, that recognisable glisten of the guitar can still be faintly recognised. Hope and happiness is never too far away.

While Kim’s setup is simple, armed with only his guitar, he manages an expansive and expressive sound that a full band and production team would struggle to replicate. This is a theme that flows through the entire EP, with each track showcasing Churchill’s distinctive flair. These tracks have made me pause, take stock and dig deeper. It’s a collection that rewards multiple listens, if only to discover just what it is that has made each track something special.

I Am, offers a great and introductory window into Churchill’s coming works, leaving both myself and most likely many listeners excited for the next collection in Churchill’s series.


I Am is available now. Kim Churchill will be touring Australia in June, dates below.

June 7th | Oxford Arts Factory – Sydney NSW
June 8th | Woolly Mammoth – Brisbane, QLD
June 15th | Howler – Melbourne, VIC
June 21st | Lion Arts Factory – Adelaide, SA
June 22nd | Jack Rabbit Slims – Perth, WA

For more information and tickets head HERE