Album Review: Headwreck – Reflection Room (2023 EP)

Brisbane metalcore upstarts Headwreck have today released their sophomore EP Reflection Room, a six-track project exploring human connection. Featuring the singles “Let It Feel” and “Shiver”, the EP demonstrates the band’s ambition and cements them as a creative force to be reckoned with.

Produced, mixed and mastered by guitarist/vocalist Jamo Benadie, Reflection Room is a fresh offering of experimental heavy music with electronics and dynamic vocals. The songs expand on the ideas presented in their 2021 EP Glamorise Demise by adding pop-inspired hooks and provocative lyrics to their richer instrumentals.

Ominous opener “Shiver” sets the tone of the EP with dusty synths and glitchy guitars that seize you from the beginning. We are also reacquainted with the familiar distant vocal melodies and searing screams Headwreck are known for early on. “Poseidon” follows with an eerie chime and modern programming as dirty chugs immediately have your stank face activated.

Ferocious banger “Let It Feel” hits with a gut-punching lead riff and alien-like effects that propel the song towards an interesting bridge of rolling hats and haunting cleans. Instrumental “Fade In” reminds of new Northlane with its arpeggiated synths and massive drums, serving as a cinematic segway to the next deep cut.

Perhaps the most accessible song on the EP, “Substance” is a glimpse of where Headwreck are looking to take their versatile sound. Drop-tuned guitars rip through the catchy chorus and chopped vocal samples, while the direct lyrics discuss drug abuse and mental health struggles. This leads to the swirling synths of epic closer “Why Won’t You?”, which finds clarity in the busy mix through clever arrangements and inventive soundscapes.

Over the six diverse tracks, Reflection Room showcases a band who is not afraid to try new things whilst emerging with arena-ready production. If you like angry emo singalongs and breakdowns with a twist, then meet your new local favourite.

Reflection Room is available now to stream everywhere. Follow Headwreck on Facebook and Instagram for more.