Album Review: All Time Low return with the cathartic Wake Up, Sunshine

All Time Low

After tugging our emotions by re-recording their nostalgic Still Nothing Personal: A Ten Year Tribute, acclaimed pop-punk band All Time Low are back with their latest album: Wake Up, Sunshine.

The Baltimore band were formed in 2003, and have had eight successful studio albums and counting. For this new album, lead vocalist Alex Gaskarth describes their motivation like this: “We took a step away for a minute – did some growing, did some soul searching, some healing... Now we’re back and ready to be all yours again, our battle scars worn proudly, and our hair looking better than ever. (it’s best if you just agree).”

Their ninth studio album begins with the lead single, “Some Kind of Disaster”. This standout track starts off with a slow guitar tune, then amplifying to an electric powerhouse rhythm. Striking a chord with powerful lyrics, “You gotta hurt sometimes to learn to heal, you gotta get back up and learn to deal”. The track touches on the notion of acknowledging, accepting and loving ourselves, despite our averse traits.

Meanwhile, “Sleeping In” their second single is a zestful, tongue-in-cheek track of sexual attraction. It hits all those classic fun and punchy feels that All Time Low are known for. Following up with “Monsters”, featuring blackbear, which feeds an energetic punk-pop-rap vibe. Lyrics imply the message of a dark exasperation with a significant other, but continuously returning to them despite consequence.

Another track, “Favourite Place”, features The Band CAMINO. There is a bright and uplifting beat to the track, along with melodic sentiments of falling in love whilst distance colours and affects a relationship.

The album closes with “Basement Noise”. The track plays as a sentimental tribute to how the band first became established. The song refers back to their younger days playing music in lead drummer Rian’s basement. Slow, rock beats and high piano notes, with lyrics like, “Just stupid boys making basement noise”, create a perfect end to the album. It poetically and poignantly ties in the band’s overarching message for the album – growing up from boys, to their journey of discovering themselves as adults.

Wake Up, Sunshine explores some of the recurring themes that were on display in previous albums. But, with a distinctive symbolism and message. Melancholia is embraced throughout the album, along with prospects of growth, self-discovery, love, heartbreak and friendship. As Gaskarth notes: “It’s a song and dance we’ve done a thousand times before, but this one feels extra-good. Besides, it’s never the same dance twice”.


Wake Up, Sunshine is available now. Grab yourselves a copy HERE.

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