Ahead of Old Mate’s Block Party…Getting to Know The Last Cavalry!

The Last Cavalry are the next in our series of Old Mate’s Block Party ‘getting to know you’s’ – in which we find out more about how the band’s sound has grown with the addition of a new rhythm section and more!

Tell us who you are and what band you play in?

I’m Cameron, the third best guitarist from The Last Cavalry.

How did this group come together and in particular, how did you get involved?

Well, the band already existed in some form or another when I joined and as far as I can tell, has a shady and questionable past. Rob (the singer) asked me to join, presumably since I was probably the only other person he knew at the time who played guitar. It’s a sham of a marriage, but we make it work.

How would you describe your band’s sound?

Man, I hate this question. I dunno. We don’t really think about it or discuss it or anything. I suppose it started out being pretty Britpop influenced, but we’ve grown a lot since then. It got slightly darker and with more feedback since then. We’ve got a new rhythm section and they are big jazz guys, so they started putting all these weird grooves and stops and shit into the mix. Which is cool because it makes my job easier, having a rad bass player. I don’t really have to do shit anymore, but I just like to be there to listen.

If we were to listen to one song from your band, what should it be?

I’m saying “House Of Cards”. It’s the B-side to our last single. I don’t really give a shit what the other guys in the band think, I just think it’s the raddest thing I’ve ever done on guitar, so you should listen to that.

What can we expect from your set at the Old Mate’s Block Party?

You can expect a sensible and well rehearsed set. We almost always play completely sober so we are sharp and on our game. Usually. Mostly.

Who are you most excited to see at the festival and why?

I’m most excited to see all of The Lockhearts‘ penises, as they regularly like to expose their genitals to me when I am on stage. Also Fox Company, because they’re cool as shit.

What were the highlights for the band in 2015?

Well, we played a shitload of shows and recorded our single “Interceptor”, which we were all really happy with. It’s on iTunes and Spotify and all that shit. We did a launch show for it at Brighton Up, which was a real success. We had Fox Company and Tijuana Stag Party supporting us and they were fuckin’ on fire. Everybody had a blast. Some dude did a backflip. Everybody cheered.

What do you have in store for 2016?

We’ll probably play a shitload more shows and record some more.

How important are festivals like this to the local scene?

Festivals like this are of paramount importance. They’re like a giant box of Cadbury’s Favourites. But instead of individually wrapped, mini versions of the full sized chocolate bars we all love and enjoy, it’s like, a whole bunch of different bands and shit. We’re definitely the Turkish Delight in that box of Favourites. The people that like us, totally love us, but everybody else fuckin’ hates us. The Lockhearts are definitely the Crunchie. Everybody fuckin’ loves a Crunchie. 

Who do you think should’ve won the Hottest 100? 

Gin Blossoms – “Hey Jealousy”

Old Mate’s Block Party is being at The Factory (Factory Floor) on Saturday, January 30th. For tickets, head to The Factory’s website – for only $20 (or $25 on the door), you can’t pass up on it!


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