Adam Brand on the end of The Outlaws and future music on the way!

Mallory interviews 12 x Golden Guitar-winner and multi ARIA Award-nominee, country music singer, Adam Brand during this year’s Deni Ute Muster in NSW to talk about the end of The Outlaws and what we can expect from him in the future.

The Deni Ute Muster marked the end of an era, the last gig in the books, the swan song for Adam Brand and The Outlaws. Originally started as a one off project, having had the idea brewing for almost ten years, Adam teamed up with fellow musicians, Mike Carr, Travis Collins, Matt Cornell and Drew McAlister and thus, a band was born. They realised their self-titled covers album in January earlier this year, as well as the two singles, “Good Year for the Outlaw” and “I Fought the Law”.

The end obviously comes as a shock to many of us who believed The Outlaws would never truly end. Yes, we’ve been hearing that the end is near for a while with 2016 coming hastily to a close but it seemed to come out of nowhere too. As they say all good things must come to an end – but do they really? It only feels like The Outlaws were only just beginning to find their feet.

“Everyone’s obviously doing new albums and new tours and all that kind of stuff so the outlaws after the next few hours are done and dusted. I’m afraid it’s coming from the horse’s mouth – it’s done and dusted.”

Matt released the single “In This Town” on the weekend of the Muster from his upcoming album; Drew has his third single, “Last Night on Earth”, out from his debut album, Black Sky; Travis due to release a third single from his fifth album, Hard Light, and Mike Carr [is] busy with his writing, solo and Buddy Goode work – there certainly is not much time for all involved. Adam dropped [however], that he and the guys have been in talks for what they would like to do if a reunion ever happened, though it isn’t likely to be anytime in the near future.

“We put aside this year, we did it, we did the album, we did the tour, and then a few select festivals. This is the last one – I won’t say never ever, because maybe down the track someday we might reunite … but it’s probably years away, if ever.”

As he explains, it was never meant to be long term. “We’re all great mates, so that’s never gonna change. To get five separate artists in the same room, the same tour vehicle, the same tour, and all that kind of stuff – it’s tough. We love getting out on stage together. Every time we do it, it’s like a party.”

Despite it coming to an end, Brand was in high spirits before their last gig. “I’m there to join the party and entice – I won’t say a riot – but entice a party atmosphere. A party riot!”

Then again, they all were, laughing and joking together like no time had passed since their last gig together in July at the Big Red Bash in Birdsville.

Using the title of one of his songs to describe the Deni Ute Muster there was only one answer.  “”I Did What?”” he remarked in a split second. “Because everyone’s going to wake up tomorrow going, ‘What the hell? What did I do?’ Their friends are going to say, ‘You did this; you did that…’ and you’re going to go, ‘I did what?’ – that’s pretty much a Deni anthem.”

With a new album, Get On Your Feet, set for release in February 2017 and already thinking ahead to future releases, a big tour is scheduled following the new album release.

“There’s a little emotion and stuff but it’s definitely an up-vibe, upbeat, fresh, new, trial-blazing for me,” he says about the release. “It’s an album, I want you to smile, and continue having a great time with it. I don’t want you to sit down and have to crack open a red to have to listen to it. I want you to have a great night out and kick up your heels.”


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