Abi Tucker reflects upon her time in Heartbreak High in latest single “Friends for Life”

Abi Tucker has a new single out “Friends for Life” taken from her album Who Do You Really Know, which was released in January this year. Many might remember Tucker as a star actor in several iconic Australian dramas, including The Secret Life of Us, Heartbreak High and McLeod’s Daughters. Parents may even recognise her from her time presenting the beloved children’s program Play School in 2009.

The forthcoming music video for her latest “Friends for Life” explores Tucker’s experience on the set of Heartbreak High.

In the lead up to the video’s release, the AU review spoke to Abi Tucker to reflect upon her time portraying Jodie in Heartbreak High, in what was, without doubt, a role that changed her life forever.

Abi is keen to thank everyone involved in the recording of Who Do You Really Know, including the musicians, Stu Hunter, David Symes, Julian Curwin, Evan Mannell. Matt Ottignon, Simon Ferenci, Ellen Kirkwood and Julian D Thompson.
The track was recorded at Electric Avenue Studios with Phil Punch and Jem Hoppe Smith. It was mastered at Studios 301 by Steve Smart.

Give “Friends for Life” a play and read on as we hear from Tucker herself!

The original series of Heartbreak High was shot in a school in Maroubra, but it was no longer operating as a school, so it was just us, cast and crew and the production team up in one of the classrooms.

A new cutting edge drama, set in a high school, all of us who played the students, some of us, we were barely out of High school ourselves back then. We would work through the scripts with Nico, the Dramaturg. It was such a unique way of working for me, Nico really broke the scripts down into actions and objectives and added an element that wasn’t just about learning the lines and delivering them.

The production office was always buzzing, the subjects that Heartbreak High tackled and the way the series was shot, directed and of course, the real dynamic of the cast, onscreen and off, really added to the show’s quality. Heartbreak High set up some lifelong friendships for me. There is still a sense of community that we share. I think that goes for a lot of long-running productions, you build a strong community with the people, and within it, you experience the highs and lows.

A lot of the ‘hang-out’ scenes were shot at the Shark Pool. It was always a lot of fun when we were doing scenes together as a group.

Sal and I got to do some classic scenes together. This was from a TV talent Quest in Ep 23 where Con Bordino takes the limelight…

Rivers and Con and Jodie hanging out.

This photo of Jodie was taken in the early days.

I was looking forward to some gigs in Paris in June this year, but they were postponed due to COVID-19. I really enjoy performing live and, like many musicians, I really miss the collective buzz of Live performance.

The songs that make up my album Who do You Really Know? have been drafted and redrafted over many years and written from around the world. I wrote a lot when I was travelling, either touring with Play School or when I have travelled overseas.

Looking back, the limitations with travel at the moment have made me realise how lucky I was to have had these experiences both here and abroad and to have been able to reflect on them in my songs. Also, touring with Play School really gave me the chance to see parts of Australia that I might not have otherwise seen. This song, “Friends for Life” is a reflection on friendship. I re-recorded this version of the song for the single release. Putting the video together, thanks to the editing and fine-tuning talents of Stella Savvas was like taking a trip down memory lane. I really appreciate the memories from when I was on the show. Also, a great many memories with some of the cast and crew members from beyond these years as well.

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The Heartbreak High photos were taken by  Jimmy Pozarik

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