4 more acts not to miss at Australian Music Week as 40 more artists and conference program details are added

Sometimes leading trends in music can become boring and predictable. From 7th to the 9th of November, Australian Music Week celebrates the artists going at it a bit differently, down at the Shire. Lather on that sunscreen and come feel the heat of Australia’s most accessible, grassroots music industry conference. With a focus on real music discovery more than 150 artists, 20 panels, masterclasses and its own Music Film festival will hit Cronulla Beach this November.

Known for shockingly bad fake tans, bogans and plastic surgery Cronulla is surprising us in a good way today, announcing another 40 artists joining the lineup, as well as a look into the program, featuring world-first music technology and a special ‘Live Sessions’ show with multi-platinum, ARIA-winner, Diesel.

This years conference agenda gives us an insight in to the music industry that most of us will never be able to discover for ourselves due to a serious lack of talent. On the other hand this could be just the key you need to kick start your career, as conference director, Jonathan Howell explains, “Australian Music Week is all about arming artists and industry professionals with relevant, relatable information they can take away use to make a difference in their career and the industry, today.”

The current conference program includes:

  • On Tour: The Musician’s Guide To Surviving The Rock Star Lifestyle
  • Export Masterclass: Pathways to International Adventures
  • Pyskinetic Atmosphere: World-First Eye-Controlled Music Technology
  • Association of Artist Managers Presents: A Deep Dive into the Artist/Manager Relationship
  • The Power of Radio: Is Australian Radio Selling Our Own Talent Short?
  • Media and Marketing Masterclass: Launch for Success
  • Oztix Presents: Dominate Your Digital Space
  • Plus Supports: How to Nail It As The Opening Act
  • Creative Income Streams: Ideas to Generate Additional Income from Your Music (Besides the Bleeding Obvious Ones!)
  • Getting Heavy 1: Is Rock Dead?
  • Getting Heavy 2: Heavy Music Festival Bookings…I Think I’m Ready, Am I Though?

On top of this, a whopping 40 acts have been added to the lineup. Here are a few acts we think you would be silly to miss.

Mo Kenney 

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A dynamic punch of dreamy summery pop, Mo Kenney has the sweet icy goodness of a Zooper Dooper by the pool. However, this treat is backed by the lyrical vulnerability and kick which reminds me of slicing your mouth on the sharp plastic when opening your delicious iceblock.  Mo Kenney is from Canada so won’t know the simple perfection of the Zooper Dooper but maybe you could share one with her on Cronulla beach this November.

For more information about this whirlwind artist click HERE.

Hollie Col

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Hollie Col will take you straight back to your first love whether you like it or not. Layered with passion and captivating melodies, her drum builds and sweet sentiments are told through her country-ish vocals that gave me a sore jaw after grinning the entire time I listened to her most recent EP Hazel.

For more information about the beauty that is Hollie Col click HERE.

The Hundy Pers

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Before even listening to their music the name The Hundy Pers could only possibly sound like one thing -coastal indie pop rock sprinkled with some reggae spice. These guys have the laidback hooky guitar lines and creamy vocals which has Saturday BBQ with your mates written all over it.  An Ocean Alley and Sticky Fingers vibe, The Hundy Pers will undoubtedly be a crowd favourite this Summer.

For more information head to their Facebook page HERE. 

Jessica Irwin

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Learn to play a musical instrument with your eyes… WHAT!? Prepare to be “WOWed” by groundbreaking technology and talent as emerging musician Jessica Irwin performs and shows us how she beats the limitations of cerebral palsy every day. She will be performing live with her idol, multi-platinum, award-winning musician, Steve Balbi thanks to the world’s first eye-controlled music software

Jessica and Steve will also join Pyskinetic’s technology team, the geniuses behind this software, to discuss the future applications of eye-controlled technology in the music industry, which enables pre-recorded and programmed notes, chords and sound sequences to be triggered and controlled by eye-movement and blinks.

A powerful and phenomenal accomplishment, come support the team and Jessica Irwin’s musical talent and click HERE for more information.

On top of these unmissable acts the other acts announced as performers today are:

Adyn Townes (Canada)
Amy Nelson (Canada)
Beyond The Willows
Dande and The Lion
Dani Young
Danny Widdicombe & Trichotomy
David Spry
Declan O’Donovan (Canada)
Dylan Wright
Goodnight Japan
Hobo Magic
Hollie Col
Jessica Irwin
Luca Fogale (Canada)
Lucy Neville
Mark Lang (Skipping Girl Vinegar)
Mike Elrington
Mo Kenney (Canada)
Natalie Henry
Nathan Cavaleri
Oly Sherman
Pan-Pacific Grand Prix
Random Recipe (Canada)
Sketchy Fancy
Smile Don’t Smile
Steve Balbi
Sweet Banana
Tasman Keith
The Earth Bloomers
The Hundy Pers
The Ramona Flowers (UK)
Tom West

Tickets are on sale now with prices ranging from $25 for a one night live music pass to $129 for a full conference pass.

Tickets are also on sale for an exclusive Studios 301/ AMW Live Session in The Church on Saturday 10th November with multi-platinum, ARIA award-winner, Diesel, as he heads out on his 30th Anniversary Tour.

For more information, to keep up to date with further lineup announcements and to get tickets click HERE.

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