116 live acts added to WAMFest in Perth: Here’s 6 to get excited about

Being the most isolated city in the world, Perth has always fostered its own local music scene, recently sharing successes Slumberjack, Ruby Fields and San Cisco with the rest of the country and world.

WAMFest is an annual celebration of emerging homegrown artists, bands and producers spread across multiple venues and on November 2nd and 3rd. Today 116 new acts were added to the already massive lineup and so we are here to give you six acts to look forward to.

Ah Trees

The name says it all – Ah Trees, this is chic, stoner rock at its best. Funky electronic hooks and drifting guitar melodies, a cool breeze of surfy pop rides with these guys wherever they go. In the last year releasing three singles, a debut EP and opening for Northeast Party House and Gypsy and the Cat their strongly influenced and contemporary sound is improving with each release.

Almond Soy

Just like Perth, Almond Soy are everything good about Australia, with a little bit of added quirk. Energy driven, thumping beats and cool mumbly vocals, the six piece band explode with fun, dance floor vibes, highlighting all dimensions of the band in each song. And this week they’re bringing those vibes to Singapore as part of the showcasing acts at Music Matters.

Similar to Hockey Dad and Skegss, Almond Soy sing about teenage love in an addictive, summery and little bit cheeky way.

Dan Howls

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Needing nothing but his electric guitar and powerhouse vocals, Dan Howls creates a menacing and electric live show.

His songs open with deep reggae intros before his dark, gritty voice completely commands your attention. Old school rock and jazzy beats, there aren’t many like Dan Howls still around. 



Creating music from the organic, Samarobryn creates a haunting, visual experience from the simplicities of nature. Using bird calls and the wind he turns familiar sounds in to powerful art.  Deep and thought provoking, this could be the future of music but we need to first see him live to fully experience the intricacies and madness of Samarobryn. 


Grungy girl group Tether, have synthy backings similar to indie Pop Group Chvrches, but… the similarities stop there.  Reverb pumping and echoing vocals scream angsty teen pessimism.  Covering Avril Lavigne’s upbeat 2007 hit “Girlfriend” which still plays at every primary school disco, proves Tether have their own agenda and can make anything their own with their distinct and modern sound. 


Don’t let the name deceive you- This group is hardcore. The four piece rock band is fronted by sisters Sinead and Lauren O’Hara, their clear influences taking you straight back to the 90’s. (unfortunately taking you back, not me as I wasn’t even born to experience this time.)

These guys have just the kick you need to get you through the 9-5 grind.  In only a way sisters could, the vocal harmonies perfectly suit each other, before being humbly smashed down a notch by animated guitars and thrashing drums, these guys put on a dangerously memorable show.

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Here are all 116 artists just announced for the 2018 WAMFest.

Ah Trees
Almond Soy
Angus Dawson
Axe Girl
Band of Missfits
Belle Harvey
Big Orange
Brayden Sibbald
Bri Clark
Catherine Ashley & Kirsten Smith
Cecilia Brandolini
Charlie Wilde
Dan Howls
Davey Craddock
Dawn Barrington
Death by Denim
Demon Days
Didion’s Bible
Eden Mulholland
Ella Munro
Family Shoveller Band
Farraday’s Cage
Geoff Waldeck
Goat Faction
Grace Armstrong
Gracie Smith
Grand Casual
Hannah Mae and the Hoodwinks
Helen Townsend
Hell Average
Hercules Morse
Holographic Moon Society
Intercontinental Sounds
Jeremy Von Kobra
Josten Myburgh
Juliana Areias
Julie Kember
Kaitlin Keegan
King Ibis
Lachy John
Legs Electric
Leopard Lake
Lucy Peach
Mal de Mer
Man Sandal
Marksman Lloyd
Marley Wynn
Michael Savage
Mick Charlton
Mitchell Ballardin
New Talk
Odette Mercy & Her Soul Atomics
Paris Mitchell
Platform 2
Pot Plant House Party
Robert Hinton
Sally Jane
Savanah & The Strays
Seasta Chani and the Twilight Heist
Selkie Black
Shy Panther
Sieche T0nn
Steve Hensby band
Steve Pinner
Tapping Stickz
Teen Angst
The Chlorines
The Crawdads
The Floors
The Hunting Birds
The Killer Hipsters
The Money War
The Peppermint Club
The Silent Sea
The Stanleys
The Struggling Kings
These Winter Nights
Turtle Bay Television
Wooly Mammoth
Yomi Ship
Young Jaycee
Your Girl Pho
Zoë Dellaca.

32 acts were already announced for the festival including the unmissable Spacey Jane and Sly Withers.  To check out the full lineup and for more information about the event which takes place on Friday 2nd November and Saturday 3rd November, click HERE.

Photo Source: WAMFest