Whoop 4.0: Everything you need to know about the new digital fitness and health coach

Health-coaching fitness bands have been competing nicely with more specc’d out smartwatches for a few years now, and Whoop has been the main driver of that. It’s then no surprise that the next iteration in the company’s range, Whoop 4.0, is getting plenty of hype thanks to a heavy list of features helping boost value for the personalised 24-7 digital fitness and health coach.

What’s the major change? There’s a few. The new technology leverages an upgraded sensor configuration for optimal accuracy and includes Whoop Body featuring Any-Wear technology – which is a first-of-its-kind range of smart apparel allowing users to wear their Whoop 4.0 band on multiple locations across the body.

Along with a list of meaningful in-app updates for a better experience, it’s looking like members who swear by Whoop’s effective way at motivating and encouraging regular exercise is going to come in handy for anyone trying to develop a better fitness routine at home.

Here’s a snapshot of the new features that will make Whoop 4.0 a wise choice for home fitness.

  • Upgraded Sensor Configuration: The active sensor area now balances green and infrared lights with five LEDs, four photodiodes, and advanced algorithms to provide more accurate heart rate measurements
  • 33% Smaller Size: WHOOP 4.0 is 33% smaller than WHOOP 3.0 with a five-day battery life
  • New Feature – Sleep Coach with Haptic Alerts: WHOOP 4.0 is engineered with haptic alerts that members can set to wake them up through gentle vibrations at the optimal time based on their sleep needs and cycles
  • New Feature – Pulse Oximeter: The upgraded hardware is equipped to calculate blood oxygen levels (SPO2) to help members unlock daily health insights
  • New Feature – Skin Temperature Sensor: WHOOP 4.0 can now measure skin temperature and provide members another layer of knowledge about their bodies
  • New Feature – Health Monitor: Members can now track live heart rate, skin temperature, blood oxygen, resting heart rate, and heart rate variability in one view. The Health Monitor also allows members to easily download and export 30 or 180-day trends of these metrics into a PDF that can be shared with a coach, trainer, PT, PCP, or physician
  • WHOOP Battery Pack 4.0: The upgraded, waterproof battery pack lets members charge on the go and double tap to view battery level. Using Sili’as silicon anode battery materials, the fitness band is now able to offer 17% more energy density than the Whoop 4.0

Click through to shop.au.whoop and get Whoop 4.0 for free with access to the app for as low as $25 per month.

Chris Singh

Chris Singh is an Editor-At-Large at the AU review, loves writing about travel and hospitality, and is partial to a perfectly textured octopus. You can reach him on Instagram: @chrisdsingh.