MACROS meal delivery: the healthier choice


After a long day at work, it’s easy to lean towards UberEats and takeaway overcooking and clean-up. While that may be fine as a treat, making it a daily ritual quickly affects us all not only monetarily, but also with regards to our health.

That’s where MACROS comes in. Their ready-made meals make it easy to eat healthy, without worrying about cooking times and clean-up. With 3 Fitness and 4 Everyday Plans, there’s plenty of options too.

I tried their plant-based range: seven meals delivered straight to my door. I was excited to give them a shot, especially since I wanted to see how they’d catered to the vegan market, and which approach they’d taken.

The meal packages arrived on a Friday, promptly and with easy tracking. Already a big thumbs up!

There were a range of meals, including a pesto pasta dish, several curries, and a tex mex hash – some great menu choices.

Over the next week, I had the meals. Three in particular stood out to me. The first was the Udon stir-fry. It was crisp, light, and fresh. The mushrooms were a delicious addition, and the tofu was perfectly cooked. The second, the Champion Chickpea Curry, a great choice for a cold, rainy day. It was creamy, thick, and flavourful: a great, well-balanced meal. My third favourite was the Yellow Tofu Curry, which I’d happily rate a ten out of ten. Creamy, flavourful and filling, it made for a perfect lunch.

I appreciated the care MACROS had taken in considering their vegan menu. Not only were there different options available, but they were also tailored to a vegan lifestyle. Each meal was well-balanced and suited to plant-based needs.

This was the first time I’d tried ready-made meals, and I loved it. Having nutritionally balanced and portion-controlled meals at my disposal meant I ate healthier throughout the week. I didn’t feel the need to go down the road and pick up sushi for lunch, when I knew I had lunch ready at home.

It also meant I could spend that time and mental energy on other things. Instead of considering what to make for lunch or dinner, I could focus on doing other things I needed to do, such as doing the laundry, and reorganising the spare room.

For many of us, healthy eating is something we aspire to, but may not feel equipped to achieve. We may feel that we lack the time to prepare healthy meals, or that eating healthy is out of our price ranges. MACROS did a great job at addressing both of those concerns, by providing affordable and healthy meals. If you’re looking to try ready-made meals, whether it’s to add convenience or health to your lifestyle, I’d recommend MACROS.

For more information, check out their website.

Daniela Koulikov

At the age of three, Daniela Koulikov picked up a pen, and hasn’t put it down since. She loves live music, interviewing artists and reviewing events in Melbourne. When she's not out and about in the live music scene, she's walking her dog or taking her friends with her on a hike.