Sea of Thieves Season 3 brings new Tall Tales starring Jack Sparrow

Sea of Thieves Jack Sparrow

Sea of Theives adding Jack Sparrow might be the one of the most desired, but unexpected, moves Rare’s pirate game has ever made.

Developer Rare has partnered with Disney to create a crossover event fans have hoped for since launch. Season 3 will introduce A Pirate’s Life. a series of five story-driven Tall Tales that bring the Pirates of the Carribean world into the Sea of Thieves. Players must the Sea of Thieves’ own realm of the dead to rescue Captain Jack Sparrow. Once recruited him as a member of their crew, Sea of Thieves players must help Jack Sparrow race to stop Davy Jones and his awful plans against the merfolk.

A Pirate’s Life features characters from the Pirates films, as well as at least one returning voice actor. Though Johnny Depp will not reprise his role as Jack Sparrow, though listening to the trailer, it seems his frequent soundalike Jared Butler, will be filling in. The gameplay featured in the trailer includes a wealth of changes and new material — a new scepter that appears to deal charge damage, fights with merfolk, ghostly pirates, Davy Jones’ terrifying Man o’ War. And is that the Sea Dogs tavern at the start of the trailer? What’s happened there?

The new content will arrive with the start of Sea of Thieves Season 3 on June 22, 2021. The update will be completely free to all players.

Sea of Thieves is exclusive to Xbox and Windows PC platforms. You can pick it up on the Xbox/Microsoft stores and Steam, or check it out on Game Pass. Check out our review from launch right here.

David Smith

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